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You’ve got to hand it to them…

19°C, heavy rain- but nice… Landscape painters: they must have some patience. The picture below has new grass on the left quater, and just that bit took 50 minutes on top of a prepared ground. This is growing into the … Continue reading

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lollygaggers, gallinippers, gollywhoppers, doizabizzlers & flipadoodles

21°C, clouds A year on… Reading through old entries is interesting, for comparison with the now. I was avidly painting as well as finishing a 3D animation for the Whitley Project. this year I have but one painting on the … Continue reading

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Rambles on bloggages

20°C, sun Despite the world seeming full of blogs and spaces, very few kids at school actually write a blog. I have asked amongst 3 classes today and only 3 kids regularly post to a blog. The reason can only be speculated … Continue reading

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Shuttleworth and the old Edwardians

21°C, clear & light winds The Shuttleworth Collection is based at the airbase RAF Old Warden. they have the oldest planes that can still fly, over 90 years some of them. Anyway, my step-father and another friend and I went … Continue reading

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picture the crane fly…

18°C, sun & lots of wind Geese are canny. Getting a photo of their daily flight to roost is turning into a hunt, I have ot lie in wait. This evening the camera was ready, I had the music on … Continue reading

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Music I’m not listening to

22°C, clouds gry & pink. By not listening to Robert Wyatt, I didn’t miss a greater treat- yes the geese have spun their magic again in formation low over the skies of this town. You have to be quick when you … Continue reading

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19°C, Ç=67miles, clear I have a theory, and it’s all about crane flys. It occured to me this morning on a dogwalk. Walking through the grass clouds of those oddly lanky harmless souls would take flight. The big question has … Continue reading

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19°C, cloudy Shopping: bought a nice new laptop style bag from Muji. Even not owning a laptop doesn’t stop these things being useful. Muji is a very nice shop, and with my birthday coming up in a couple of months, … Continue reading

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Flight Sim X

27.5°C, hot & later- storms. But it’s september! What about this for an idea? Make the Walrus model available to people who play Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X? I can port it across when the details for the newest version are … Continue reading

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Giraffes love malteasers

25°C, foggy start, after- cloudless and hot. Ç=73.3 miles What a splendid day, September is good at this- crisp, warm, low humidity and another noticable change in the landscape. All the harvests are in, but there is green growing amongst … Continue reading

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