Pripyat Ferris Wheel

11°C, windy, but the rain has cleared.

The Ferris wheel is (in)famous in the city of Pripyat in northern Ukraine. It was never used because of a nearby nuclear accident which renderd the area uninhabitable. Now I have the modelling for FSX sorted, it seems reasonable to add this model to the Chernobyl scenery that is just about finished. As it stands though, the poly count is far too high for a relatively small object (25 metres diameter). Either find a lighter way to buld it, or just do something else ( like the Harlech Castle mesh).

Sony R-1

Rain, then clear but grey, always windy. Cycle 42 miles

This camera is outstanding, I’ve been shooting pictures in low light at 3200ASA, it’s grainy but not unreasonably. See for yourself.

What’s this, a new painting?

11°C, heavy rain.

Turpentine: Still, Microsoft’s own browser can’t upload files to Microsoft Spaces. Perhaps they should have tested the Active X control on their own software, you’d think they would.
Anyway, the picture is about fog, and some distant figure. The photo is about 50′ worth painting time. It’s been six months since I last did any oils, my latest thought are somewhat seered by Tarkovsky’s photography; a new book of which is waiting for me at work.


8°C, very strong winds. Dry though.

Gales forced me into driving to work today. Damn.
Sap’s rising, inlcluding my little Artemesia plant, which now smells. It didn’t last autumn when I bought it. Such a strange smell too. There must be other exotica hidden amongst our ordinary overlooked weeds in this landscape.

A great storm approaches

9°C, few heavy showers so far.

Duxford – to take some Japanese Visitors to leer at aeroplanes, who called this practice “transport porn”? Here is an old Cockpit from a VC10 airliner.
This coming storm could be fun, for me anyway. Not so good if you’re at sea in the southern approaches.

Control Panel scrambled.

11°C, windy and grey.

Tracking down faults: so apparently, the control panel can be corrupted by some reg server32 getting unregistered (are you following this), – that is something that can easily be re-registered. At least the machine has net access so I can pose questions of Google and get workable answers.
Beyond that, the 3D scenery design will have ot wait for a week or so while I get a two graphics jobs done first.
Cinema: or why I like Tarkovsky’s films. They don’t sound great on paper; for example: Stalker: a science fiction film; with no special effects; long scenes heavily dependant on dialog; mostly in b/w, no music and don’t forget: it’s in Russian. Currently I am watching Andrei Rublyev in installments. these are films about the present, none of the Americanish obsession with plot, and what’s going to happen next. These films are full of scenes that concentrate on the now; they look long, hard and without distraction at themes like the weather, dogs, water and tinge it all with anxiety. Read this site to get a more articulate explanation
I don’t expect you to wat one though.

STOP 0x000000IE

8°C, Windy, but milder

STOP NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM at NTOSKRNL.exe: I have a poorly computer. In the week I changed the RAM but not soon enough, one crash caused by it has scrambled the anti-virus’ database so it won’t run. It won’t uninstall either, nor does the update patch work. Looks like a re-install of windows is the only resort.
Nevermind, at least I have had more success with the other PC, the Chernobyl scenery is substantially done. The main site of the accident is done, so now my attention turns to the town of Pripyat, and possibly the famous Ferris-wheel.