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Pripyat Ferris Wheel

11°C, windy, but the rain has cleared. The Ferris wheel is (in)famous in the city of Pripyat in northern Ukraine. It was never used because of a nearby nuclear accident which renderd the area uninhabitable. Now I have the modelling … Continue reading

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Sony R-1

Rain, then clear but grey, always windy. Cycle 42 miles This camera is outstanding, I’ve been shooting pictures in low light at 3200ASA, it’s grainy but not unreasonably. See for yourself.

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What’s this, a new painting?

11°C, heavy rain. Turpentine: Still, Microsoft’s own browser can’t upload files to Microsoft Spaces. Perhaps they should have tested the Active X control on their own software, you’d think they would. Anyway, the picture is about fog, and some distant … Continue reading

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8°C, very strong winds. Dry though. Gales forced me into driving to work today. Damn.   Sap’s rising, inlcluding my little Artemesia plant, which now smells. It didn’t last autumn when I bought it. Such a strange smell too. There … Continue reading

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A great storm approaches

9°C, few heavy showers so far. Duxford – to take some Japanese Visitors to leer at aeroplanes, who called this practice “transport porn”? Here is an old Cockpit from a VC10 airliner. This coming storm could be fun, for me anyway. … Continue reading

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Control Panel scrambled.

11°C, windy and grey. Tracking down faults: so apparently, the control panel can be corrupted by some reg server32 getting unregistered (are you following this), – that is something that can easily be re-registered. At least the machine has net … Continue reading

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STOP 0x000000IE

8°C, Windy, but milder STOP NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM at NTOSKRNL.exe: I have a poorly computer. In the week I changed the RAM but not soon enough, one crash caused by it has scrambled the anti-virus’ database so it won’t run. It won’t … Continue reading

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