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28°C, ++thunder   What a day- thunder lightning and lots of lovely rain. We may have seen mammatus clouds ( hope I spelt that properly). Here’s a site about them: Hastings It’s so hot & close now that I have the … Continue reading

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Cycling: 42 miles in stunning weather., 24°C. Summer’s in the last phase- golden fields, but the trees are looking slightly caramelised. Hedgerows are laden with berries, blackberries are the tastiest & some roads take a long time to travel along. … Continue reading

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Oil in waves

No cycling, not feeling very well this weekend. Paint: Two pieces today- continuing a face and started waves breaking on a beach. They are based on photos taken in Wales last week. Incidentally, there has been a drowning from the … Continue reading

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Vera Drake

Film A most powerful film by Mike Leigh. It’s about a well meaning woman who performed back-street abortions in 1950. The setting was perfectly re-created, beautifully shot and lighting was interesting. It was a very closely observed study, full of compassion … Continue reading

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We’re going to have known nothing like it (again)!

GCSE results day. News report this morning must have bene easy to plan- just use the same report as lat year, add the same controvesy and film a high ranking school as they open their results. Then have a debate … Continue reading

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Visual noise

Rain/ later  & therefore warm. 21°C. Visual noise: a good way to describe visual noise is to use analogies. If you have the radio on in the background, not clear enough to discern voices or instruments, or is there is a … Continue reading

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We’re going to have known nothing like it.

A-level results today, GCSEs next week. No doubt they will be higher grades than ever, no doubt the arguments in the press will revolve around "are they getting easier?". No doubt we’ll have known nothing like it!   So the … Continue reading

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Now that pencil is sharp.

24+°C maybe later. Finished another. Who knows which one is preferable? Please feel free to leave a comment with your vote/opinion. They are both between A4-A3 size(some antique imperial measurements I think); oil on canvas and currently steadily drying- which will … Continue reading

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More pencil sharpenings

The good summer weather returns. 21°C.   Oil: Here is a new picture that hasn’t been photographed before. Since it’s a re-working of another painting seen here, there didn’t seem much point showing progress images. This painting is near complete, … Continue reading

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Walrus Modelling in 3DS, this time it’s a Walrus . Like the last one ( Barracuda), it’s a model that was started ages ago & not finished. The thing I like about this one is the history of the plane … Continue reading

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