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dull, 21°C; light NW winds Cycled 62.4 miles With some difficulty. there is a pulled muscle in my neck which bears the load of my head. I felt it over every bump and couldn’t turn my head more than 60°. … Continue reading

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Another day: sorted out the shirt, background , hands, everything except the head/face. I know I always say give more time over to the face but I don’t want to risk touching the wet area bottom left. Looking back, I’ve … Continue reading

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What’s it all for

What are blogs for? (again) In a conversation I was asked It seems that most people use it socially. If you use messenger & contacts say "hi what have you been up to?", you tell them, then the next person … Continue reading

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10/10 cloud; warm @ 22°C.   cycling: 40.4 miles.   Painting; mounted lots of pictures this morning, there is now about as many as I can stand. The others are just not good enough to put up, though they are … Continue reading

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Rain bubbles

Rainin’ hammers raining nails   Yesterday’s rain hasn’t stopped, it gets heavier and deeper. It hits the water already fallen so hard there are bubbles and bounces in the centre of each concentric ring. as I write the cavalry have … Continue reading

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Stepping on snails

RAIN   I try not to do it, but the snails just get everywhere in this rain. Wheeling in the bins is tricky [It is wednesday after all ;-)]  they look so eager and optimistic, not to mention – simple. … Continue reading

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Take one Tablet

Thin clouds- cycle before it rains! New graphics tablet has arrived. Same as the last one, but not broken by leaving a cup of tea standing on it- who-ever that was- OWN UP! I will post a picture when it’s … Continue reading

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More weather. Warmer than yesterday.   Only drawn up that new painting onto the canvas. Then got distracted when I noticed some wrapped picture frames in the corner bought ages ago. It looks very nice but the frame is glazed, … Continue reading

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feels like Sunday

17°C, thick clouds all over the sky. Sixty-one miles   as Morrissey said " Every day is like Sunday" . Relevant because I went cycling today ( instead of yesterday), it didn’t rain today. Not much to say for collecting anecdotes, … Continue reading

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Another Done..

I think   It may or may not be complete, either way, it’s very close. Thinking of the next one now- get pencil sharpening. It’s going to be on square canvas, we’re going to have known nothing like it. Working … Continue reading

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