Another day:

sorted out the shirt, background , hands, everything except the head/face. I know I always say give more time over to the face but I don’t want to risk touching the wet area bottom left.
Looking back, I’ve been oil painting since last december and not even got half-way through a tube of any colour paint. Whe titanium white goes down the fastest but at this rate it’s hardly expensive. The tubes are admitedly pricey to buy all in one go, but at this rate…

What’s it all for

What are blogs for? (again)

In a conversation I was asked
It seems that most people use it socially. If you use messenger & contacts say "hi what have you been up to?", you tell them, then the next person comes on line & asks the same question. You could write in here the day’s story, you can save yourself the trouble of repeating yourself, AND they are more likely to ask a more interesting question to do with your entry. You know.. they might therefore ask – "how exactly did you get the dog off the roof & is he scared of you now?" So use your blog to fill people in.


London bombings and bicycles – read more
Colour combinations page for web page designers- useful for setting page colour schemes from swatches.


10/10 cloud; warm @ 22°C.

cycling: 40.4 miles.

Painting; mounted lots of pictures this morning, there is now about as many as I can stand. The others are just not good enough to put up, though they are uploaded to my websites.
First layers of linseed, trying to sort out tonality as previousl picture looked flat. The shirt needs quite a bit more work but for this layer it’s going to do. Looks funny seeing it on this page- the oranges look very much to. Not even started the face yet, and there is a strong possibility that pencil shavings may curl forwards.

Rain bubbles

Rainin’ hammers raining nails


Yesterday’s rain hasn’t stopped, it gets heavier and deeper. It hits the water already fallen so hard there are bubbles and bounces in the centre of each concentric ring.

as I write the cavalry have arrived, well- the clouds are breaking up ) but who’s interested.


Also as I write I hear the CD that arrived to fill up yesterday’s parcel. Holywood by Marilyn Manson. the music is familiar and the packaging reminds me of Jan Saudek, the Czech photogrpher. See this link here: Jan Saudek. first bought "lest we forget" which included a DVD of videos, the only reason I bought it infact. After seein gthat, I bought some Jan Svankmajer videos. they aren’t that easy to find, even if you see them listed on Amazon, they takes AGES to arrive, weeks at least.

see if you agree. Note there is some nudity in some, but nothing offensive.


Two pictures to show today (thumbnail right), thr first is the new canvas started yesterday, mentioned here. This picture is of day 2, with rough out of the general layout. The sharperner may be occluded by shavings- like in the drawing ( see in pictures "sketchbook" section). On 10×10" canvas.

 Second: (thumbnail left) is a quick small piece onto 10×7" canvas. It began as s scribble to use up some paint, with the idea to use it as the ground for something else, but then I started to see shapes in it. With lots of Pthalio Blue and some Burnt Umber I ended up with this ( see picture). Tomorrow I will decide whether to add a linseed layer to increase depth of tone. what a great way to find a new picture, it’s the part of the mind that likes to see patterns, or shapes in the clouds, you’d see what I mean if I showed you the first 10′ of paint sloshed around. I will have to try this approach again it was quite fun.

Stepping on snails


I try not to do it, but the snails just get everywhere in this rain. Wheeling in the bins is tricky [It is wednesday after all ;-)]  they look so eager and optimistic, not to mention – simple.
Framed 2 more paintings today…
Fixed a leaking pipe in the bathroom…
Cycled 35 miles, erm … what else?
the Graphics tablet is still not working with everything. Photoshop doesn’t recognise it’s pressure sensitivity, photoshop 6 did tho’. It works well in Illustrator as well as Coral Painter. Maybe Adobe need to release a patch for PS 9. there is nothing on the Adobe site today. Below is a little picture made in illustrator, possibly the worst picture I have uploaded to this blog to date.
My my haven’t I had a lot of comments lately.

Take one Tablet

Thin clouds- cycle before it rains!

New graphics tablet has arrived. Same as the last one, but not broken by leaving a cup of tea standing on it- who-ever that was- OWN UP!
I will post a picture when it’s installed.
off for a bike ride now before the bad weather arrives.


More weather. Warmer than yesterday.

Only drawn up that new painting onto the canvas. Then got distracted when I noticed some wrapped picture frames in the corner bought ages ago. It looks very nice but the frame is glazed, that means it can’t face anything that will give a strong reflection- otherwise you can’t see the picture. Done two frmaes today, they do look a bit odd with dark pictures in them. Perhaps I should get some wood stain. There are about six more here that are worth putting up.
Blimey! -sixty page views today, but half are RSS feeds & I dunno how to track those; who is it I ask??
Anyway, at last I’m getting a new graphics tablet, could arrive tomorrow or soon. Not to mention some CDs to fill up the parcel a bit.

Another Done..

I think


It may or may not be complete, either way, it’s very close. Thinking of the next one now- get pencil sharpening. It’s going to be on square canvas, we’re going to have known nothing like it.

Working on teh composition before the ground goes down, looking forward to using a bright coerlium blue here- let’s have some acidic blues in sidelights. (explaination when it’s started).

Maybe, if you are good, a photo of the complete but still wet picture, make sure it’s less blurred this time.


YEAY !! it’s raining.

Listening to Naked City- "Absinthe" album now.

Fancy something to listen to right now? This is the BBC’s weekly radio show devoted to avant guarde, experimental music MIXING IT




Breaking through.
Made some progress today, if it’s apparent in this picture. Just to be optimistic- I bought four new canvases, and a new oil saketching pad today- that should keep me busy over the summer.
I’m too tired and dopey feeling to write more.