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Snow coming?

4°C, rain showers, but wintry showers are approaching. Winter wasteland: what an unecessary day- MS Windows is broken on this computer and it’s taking all day to fix it. It has been snowing outside, slushy dull grey day.

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Night Forest

10-4°C, frost developing, clear skies, NW wind Night Walk with Rosie on Cannock Chase. Wow! what a fascinating experience. Only illuminated by my head-torch, I walked in fire-breaks and some undergrowth on the Chase. Starting on Castle Ring, in all … Continue reading

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14°C, rain all morning, then bright sun pm; 58miles Just another day: waiting for the rain to stop this morning, it did then go out on the bike. 58 miles, that’s it.

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Sky Motel

Wind, rain and difficult keeping the house warm.11°C. K Hersh: Sky Motel delivered in school yesterday. Since it was a staff training day, I played it over the speakers in my room. First impression wasn’t great. Now I’m at home … Continue reading

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Wordless thoughts.

Bright and sunny. 13°C, SW winds. …Continuing from yesterday’s K Hersh ramble. I received another of her albums today. An earlier one- ~"Sky Motel". An album driven by a more rocky band, it is closer to the Throwing Muses than … Continue reading

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I’m going…

14°C, brisk winds An Evening With Kristin Hersh: a birthday outing for me in London. How the day will pan out is not at all clear yet. But the tickets order made it in time.In the meantime, I am thinking … Continue reading

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12°C, clear, sunny and fresh. The air: is lighter today. There is a lot of personal turmoil underway at work but my mood is lighter. So many have personal-life-falling-apart issues, unscheduled absence, disintegrating families (not just me then). What is … Continue reading

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12°C, rain. Lyrics: Kristin Hersh is probably the musician that I listen to most this autumn. They are delivered as if spoken to a specific person; such a powerful device. Some lines could be written directly to me; so beguiling. … Continue reading

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On Murakami

13°C, windy, cool and fresh. C 53 miles Book: "Norwegian Wood", by Haruki MurakamiThere is a lovely line in the book I am reading currently ("Norwegian Wood" by Haruki Murakami.) He uses a simple language that is all the more … Continue reading

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Dirty dogs

13°C, bright& dry. Chase: the dogs are so filthy and smelly after a romp on the chase, that it will have to happen less often. There is now mud in the kitchen where they are drying off. Never-the-less I’d still … Continue reading

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