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23°C, clear, C=29 miles. The downpour has broken, summer is here. We caught the first of this in Wales, on Cardigan bay. Rosie & Bess are enjoying it too – as you can see from the picture. 2nd Picture: is … Continue reading

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Ugly horses

Yesterday: 21°C, clearing, C=38 miles Photo: they all have a canvas bag on each of their heads: are horses in Clifton Campville that ugly or do you know of a more sensible explanation?

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The Walrus afloat

 it’s getting heavier!   3ds max: this animation is more a test of my new computer setup- to see how long rendering to video takes. The clip below was about 75 minutes in all with both cores running at 85 to … Continue reading

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the world is going to be alright

17°C, heavy rain (again) Wormwood: I’m getting a strong feeling that the world will be alright- once the human race is gone. In Chernobyl’s exclusion zone, there are feral horses, mainly in two herds, each led by a dominant stallion. … Continue reading

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Summer holiday

 14°C, rain, non-stop & heavy. Wormwood Forest: a book on the natural history of the Chernobyl exclusion zone. It’s the first day of our long summer holiday- and this is my summer read. Time will tell how good it is, … Continue reading

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Purity ring.

24°C, looks like summer is here (for now) BBC news: schoolgirl looses courtcase after appealing against her school uniform rule: A 16-year-old girl was not discriminated against when she was banned from wearing a "purity ring" in school, the High … Continue reading

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Make a girl-noise here

22°C, showers, some electrical bumps & flashes. Fight: In the staffroom we heard a loud girl-noise at lunchtime yesterday. It lasted longer than the girl-noises we often hear, so had a look out the window. Much to our amazement was … Continue reading

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15°C, rain. Today, stay in.

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RAM- with trepidation

20°C, sunny spells & dramatic clouds: Will it or won’t it?: Just fitted in the replacement RAM, which marks the third return but a different brand this time. Just about to boot it up – concerned that it won’t work … Continue reading

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Wet summer

17°C, Rain Rain: just as we thought the bed weather was over- another day of heavy rain. More forcast for Sunday.

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