Morning commute

-4°C, clear, no thaw yet.

I could not pass this view this morning on the slow commute today. Breath-taking, it forced me to exclaim. I pulled over into a snowbound bus-stop and got a few shots.


Later, this winter demonstrated its darker side. On the crest of a hump-backed bridge I lost all grip. The road-speed was low but I could not slow on the descent side of the bridge. A car in front became the object of my fears, I really don’t want to stove the front of my car in, or the back of anyone else’s for that matter. I could not slow, but I could steer a bit so I headed for the oncoming side of the road. The grip seemed better there and I stopped as that terrible grinding sound from the anti-skid brakes juddering ceased. No crash then.

Home later: 50 minutes on the turbo. It keeps me warm and is preparation for the first ride of the year, which may be on Friday. I am obsessively referring to weather reports, many times a day.

Back to back.

7°C, sunshine.
The Doc says I probably have a second cold straight after the first. Unlucky, but not a serious worry. Presumably, there is no reason that you couldn’t be infected with two colds at once.
Snow is on its way, though it may not fall here. The Mirror paper predicts -15C and blizzards, though view predict that every time the temperature dips a little. Nobody believes them any more. Well, no-one worth mentioning does.

City Station

Long cold.

2°C, cold penetrating fog.
Still ill. All this started on the 7th of Dec. That makes it a month. Or is was it two colds separated by 5 days around Christmas. There is a shard of comfort when I hear that there are so many others with long persistent chest and throat infections.
There is no end in sight yet. I have taken the day off since 1/ my voice nearly failed yesterday & I am timetabled for more lessons today, 2/ I took the dog for her early morning outing by I saw purple spots before my eyes the whole time.

Will the world’s end begin like this.

Router (dsl-g624m) dropouts

9°C, calm & grey.
Still ill as the line in the Smiths song goes, but I’m bored with talking about it.
My router is probably the cause of poor internet connections at home. The latest stage in this sorry, tedious saga is a new firmware.
Every time I try something, the smartphone & laptop connect and I am filled with optimism. Then after streaming media, like a online video (my favourtite is Vimeo), the waiting sign comes up and it eventually time-outs.
Another idea is that the routes is failing, perhaps a mechanical failure. Often the connection fails after some time watching BBCi Player. Perhaps the heat can stress a weak component or solder joint.
The only solution to that is a full replacement.

Rioting = fun?

Is rioting good fun? I’ve never tried it myself but I hear that they’re rioting in Northern Ireland, something to do with how often they fly flags. A decision made by democratically elected local government, it’s said. Their own leaders have told the rioters to stop, but continues today.
In NI, have a long record of extreme action triggered by trivial, silly issues- flags, parades, marches and so on.
So with such absurd causes, what is the real reason for that behaviour?


11°C, light cloud.
The girl who served me today in the grocery shop didn’t look right. She rested her head between each customer, pale. I asked whether she was unwell, she sighed with the word- “yes”.
There is some comfort in this, almost all of us feel poorly in this way at this time. All activity is an uphill push, leaving us pale and breathless.
Galling though, for me, is the missed opportunity for some good cycling in this decent weather. Here is the mildest winter break in years. Some parts of this nation has 13°C highs this week. I can only look outside.