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On seeming normal.

12°C, windy westerly, CA:20. Ride in warm wet air. The round trip was typical winter at 1h 22m. Only a few minutes from the average. I feel alive again.

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First ride

6°C, V. Windy, sun. CK:43miles Rode a loop in Lancashire- Parbold and the flatlands by Bank. The hedges were low and sparse so no shelter from a strong westerly. Those last miles were hard and slow even on the 42×17. … Continue reading

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You do too much exercise.

-4°C, calm & icy. Last day of snow, a heavy fall is coming this afternoon. More turbo time to keep me sane but… A colleague said in a firm voice that: (I)” you do too much exercise, half an hour … Continue reading

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Morning commute

-4°C, clear, no thaw yet. I could not pass this view this morning on the slow commute today. Breath-taking, it forced me to exclaim. I pulled over into a snowbound bus-stop and got a few shots. Later, this winter demonstrated … Continue reading

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Still no ride

-2°C, thick snow everywhere. 2nd Snowday: it’s the 21st of January and I still have yet to ride a bike this year. Of this, I have never known. At least I did a few turbo sessions this weekend, 70 mins … Continue reading

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Turbo effect

-2°C re-frozen snow. No thaw. 40 minutes on the turbo, plus other stuff as a warm-down. Not much, but it’s an encouraging start. I had no trouble keeping warm in the evening nor overnight. Such is the effect of exercise, … Continue reading

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Worst drive home.

-3°C, heavy snow. That was the worst drive home I can remember. It took one whole hour to do the first mile. There was almost grid-lock in all the built up areas because of this snow. I could see gritting … Continue reading

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Looming snow.

-2°C. Snow soon. A cold week with a front that wants to push it away as much as we all do. There will be snow, but probably not enough to close work I think. There are many hopeful souls out … Continue reading

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Huff and puff

1°C, clear & still Back to work tomorrow, energy is returning along with my voice. Out goes the despair of getting another damned cold straight after the previous one. Half an hour on the turbo plus some weights and stretches, … Continue reading

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Back to back.

7°C, sunshine. The Doc says I probably have a second cold straight after the first. Unlucky, but not a serious worry. Presumably, there is no reason that you couldn’t be infected with two colds at once. Snow is on its … Continue reading

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