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Shower doors can explode.

Tempered glass doors sometimes can shatter violently. It only takes a slight flaw, a break, a scratch or an imperfection.​ Ours burst with a roar about ten minutes after going to bed. Nobody was in the bathroom and the door … Continue reading

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5°C, sunny but something is changing These things are charming. I’m some books, mosses are categorised as primitive plants (non-vascular, and like the lichens, they don’t have roots). That means, as a group,  they’re actually very old. Their sophistication is … Continue reading

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Wasps’ nest

7°C, sunny and dry. Light wind. Remember that wasp nest in my house last summer? I decided to investigate it today. The tent was ready to pull open after I cleared the nearby ivy. The interior volume was filled with … Continue reading

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Winter, a Saturday.

1°C, light wind but heavy rain. Winter, a respite from the cold and a day to recover from work.​

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Punctured night.

5°C, light NE, no rain but damp roads. I rode mustang with MapMyRide+! Distance: 26.82km, time: 01:38:33, pace: 3:40min/km, speed: 16.33km/h. It’s not always obvious what to do when you notice the first signs of a puncture. If it’s dark … Continue reading

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While I was away…

20°C, fair summer’s day. The wasps have been busy. This bulging paper nest was not visible one short week ago.​

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Wasps’ nest

23°C, clearing to blue sky. No real wind. I have a wasps’ nest in my house. It’s actually in an air-brick to the front room. Last year, I blocked the air-brick because ivy was growing through into the room right … Continue reading

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The Ship

Brian Eno: The Ship, double LP. The record player is working again. No fix from me, it’s an intermittent fault. I suspect a poor connection to the motor. It uses a 2 phase regulated supply from a built in circuit … Continue reading

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Seeds’ half-life.

2~9°C, bright sun. Do seeds have a half-life? This window propagator was seeded with Magnolia from an old packet. The use-by date was 2012 and about half have germinated.

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Clearing John’s effects.

5°C clear light N, chilly. I missed the funeral but went along to help clear John’s things. Today, all we needed to do was identify what could be kept, sold or disposed of. Stuff will go to jeweller’s, eBay and … Continue reading

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