How many barrows?

18°C, sunny with some heavy showersDelivery: this time, the lorry can’t get around the back. All those years ago, I had 6 tons of gravel delivered to cover the mud lawn. When I used to have dogs, they would run mud into the house each winter.​
So how many wheel barrows did it take to move one ton of topsoil to the back garden?

How do I get those down?

17°C, set fairApple tree: it’s in a poor state really. Lower branches are dead or scrawny. There are some good looking fruit at the top. I suppose a skilled arborist would have cut the tree so it would grow more favourably. It needs good, young branches lower down.​

I have cut out some poor low branches with enough stumps to climb up. Either I can reach the fruit, or I will make a scoop to pick them with.