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Week off.

14C, lighter wind. I need a holiday. With a week off, this empty feeling should recede. A week is not enough to get everything done- domestic re-arrangements, hiking, visiting, (not least) marking. Anyway, I have been to a wedding. Of … Continue reading

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New lodger.

12C, light cloud. He moved in tonight but has come with food poisoning. It’s probably the sea-food. Hope he survives the night. Powis Castle- my favourite artemesia plants did not make it through last winter. A few sheltered plots near … Continue reading

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12°C, light cloud I return: skipped a few rides this week with a non-descript lack. Not enough to call it a cold, but I presume it was one in the background. Or was… A colleague talked about how she is … Continue reading

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Mosside 1987

Watched The Culture Show tonight; Not Like Any Other Love. A documentary about The Smiths, edited from an older South Bank Show. The bit that caught my eye was my old school mate, Tony. I haven’t seen this clip before, … Continue reading

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6°C, cold bright start. Lodgers: is there something in the lodger-landlord relationship that resembles a parent-child one? “I see you have helped yourself to my laundry tablets, would you replace them in the next few days. They are not actually … Continue reading

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Twelve green bottles and a glow in the dark condom

16, sunny. Today’s rubbish from the binge drinkers. Why did you need a glow-in-the-dark condom on a bright sunny day?

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Bank holiday.

12°C, getting warmer. Not my favourite choice this weekend, you can guess what I want to do. What I have to do is all domestic. For each of the last few years, Mayday has seen me camped in Wales, in between … Continue reading

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12°C, sunny. Ran a session at work to teach the kids how to erect tents today. Their walking about on the grass brought lots of earthworms up to the surface. As you can imagine, teenage girls didn’t all react at … Continue reading

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