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Seeds’ half-life.

2~9°C, bright sun. Do seeds have a half-life? This window propagator was seeded with Magnolia from an old packet. The use-by date was 2012 and about half have germinated.

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Bosworth Battlefield.

9°C, light NW breeze, sunny but looked warmer than it felt. I rode Racelite-8 with MapMyRide+! Distance: 56.16mi, time: 03:42:25, pace: 3:58min/mi, speed: 15.15mi/h. April is a little cooler than average right now. It’s nice and sunny but the … Continue reading

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Seed of an idea.

Getting dark now, 5°C and clear. We walk about 6km/hr on good, flat sooth ground. About 4mph, or 40 miles in 10 hours, 80 in 20. Would it be possible to walk 100 miles in a day? That sounds pretty … Continue reading

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Review: Rocket Ron.

I rode cyclocross with MapMyRide+! Distance: 16.10mi, time: 01:33:52, pace: 5:50min/mi, speed: 10.29mi/h. New tyres: I’ve not ridden the ‘cross bike as much this year. More, recently, a cluster of difficult to fix punctures, and slippery conditions put me … Continue reading

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Summer wheels.

3~12°C, bright sun and moderate SE breeze. I rode Fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 60.92mi, time: 03:55:28, pace: 3:52min/mi, speed: 15.52mi/h. Good ride, spring sunshine after a cold start. This is the first side on the summer wheels. Remember, this … Continue reading

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One hour’s blast.

Lights on in daytime, kid’s motivations, Continue reading

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Roast pigeon, no.

11°C, 4/5 white cloud. Light NW. I rode Racelite with MapMyRide+! Distance: 27.84mi, time: 01:59:42, pace: 4:18min/mi, speed: 13.95mi/h. This afternoon lacked the fizzing energy I get sometimes, so a steady ride. Though the bike felt light and nimble, … Continue reading

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Jake, wear.

Is this something to worry about? The inner chain stays age rubbed down to the bare metal on both sides. This can only happen when the mud buildup on the rear wheel rim is enough. As the frame material is … Continue reading

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Hafod y llan.

0°C, freezing fog at dawn, no wind. I’m here now, so I may as well have a mountain day. First night in the Banshee 200. It’s rather cramped, but the small interior is warmer in this cold weather. Outside, that … Continue reading

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Hill and Moorland:3 (result).

6~ 8°C, light W. Sunny with only 1 shower. it seemed to go well on the hill today. No mistakes and additional skills were cleared easily. The kit check was fine, I even showed off my water filter. The tension … Continue reading

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