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She has entered the building

11°C, rain A day for mortgage hunting. Important, necessary and will save over £7000 over the next decade, but ultimately boring. What else can you do on a wet autumn day at home. I have a slide-rule here on the … Continue reading

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We Need To Talk About…

13°C, clear, fresh colourful You know a good film when you talk about it on the way home, a great film has you chewing over it all of the next day too. We Need To Talk About Kevin had this … Continue reading

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A dog with cancer

13°C, lighter winds, some sun. CK:29 miles She’s been ill for a week or so now. A second vet can’t now find a lump, the first thought it quite large. Maybe now she is getting some treatment, her belly is … Continue reading

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Four Gigs

15°C, clear sun. Nerdity– fitted new RAM to my main computer, doubling it up to 4GB. Windows XP only recognises 3.66GB, but that’s still a huge increase on 2GB. There are some technical reasons why you don’t get to use … Continue reading

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Caught something.

5-12C, light cloud, fairly calm. I have picked up something, my legs were so empty today that I got to work late. No other symptoms, just minimal energy. It’s like this before a cold, but then it’s like this before … Continue reading

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Why the need?

18°C, Light SW, mostly sunny. CR:63 miles Why the need to park like this? There is a guy in the corner house that has a pushchair for two kids. I presume he has to divert into the road, but that’s … Continue reading

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alcohol isn’t to blame

This says something interesting: BBC. The author draw parallels between alcohol belief systems and mythology in religions. In effect, she’s arguing that alcohol is used as an excuse for bad behaviour here in the UK, in contrast to other countries … Continue reading

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vestibular syndrome

17°C, sunny with building wind. Bessie has been diagnosed with vestibular disease. It’s her inner ear that is at fault and it makes her feel vertigo, hence the nausea and poor balance. Some cure can occur after the injections that … Continue reading

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Ol’ Bessie

18°C, strong W, thick cloud. Old Bessie is not well. She’s curled up now and relaxed but is very unsteady on her feet this evening. She had a bit of a turn earlier, she staggered into the living room and … Continue reading

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Animal Kingdom

14°C, grey sky. Film: Animal Kingdom. Review. It had all the tension of a David Lynch film, I was gripped and genuinely anxious about what would happen next. The film contained violence but didn’t indulge in a butcherfest as some … Continue reading

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