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Murder, rain and rage.

15°C, rain. Unsettling: I rode passed a murder scene on the way to work this morning. The Police had closed the road, set up a cordon and a canvas tent stood ominously over a garden. Clearly, something dreadful had happened. … Continue reading

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threads, unravelled

15°C, fresh westerly, some sun, not much. I thought of something really worthwhile to say earlier, after an hour’s painting, it has all gone.

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The Intensity

14°C, started bright, but it’s drizzling now. Sore muscles Ride later: but perhaps I need a rest-day. Various muscles ache, need stretching or steadily burn a bit: hamstrings, quads and trapezoids. Another muscle is giving trouble too; the one that … Continue reading

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Another outstanding day

19°C, clear & bright. No clouds. Linseed: now I have that portrait at a stage that makes it look likely to work in the end. After a three hour session before lunch using some thin and other thicker layers of … Continue reading

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Whatever will…

19°C, Dry, it’s been a beautiful looking day. How is this all going to work out? The open threads, they ought to lead somewhere. When we get there we ought to be able to look back along the threads and … Continue reading

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What flower expresses….days go by

12-18°C, dense fog to start, sun later An unexpected question: passing a colleague on the stairs, she said "hi, would you draw my portrait?""ok" said I Then, I wanted to know why she wanted me to draw her picture, but … Continue reading

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It’s not easy,

17°C, Autumn’s not so bad… Painting, is not easy. I’m constantly aware of that ceiling over my skill. I’m not a painter; I am only a teacher. Mind you, I received a back-handed compliment on that score today so gain … Continue reading

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White musk.

16°C, N wind, fresh but not cold yet Tired beyond belief, like being drunk. How am I going to last ’till Christmas?Water-colour series, on small but very good paper bought from Muji. The paper colour is a bit strong, and … Continue reading

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Autumn day 1

13°C, rain. Malcolm Middleton:   Devastation And you’re the only person that can make me feel aloneJust withdraw your eyes and you’ll hear me start to moanI’ve never felt so lonely as when you’re in the next roomI hope you … Continue reading

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norepinephrine, adrenaline and glucagon

20°C, clear, warm and still; Cycle 64.8 miles. Feels like the last day of summer; the air is warm, smells sweet and the sunlight warm. Any passing clouds reminded us that the autumn is only so far away and there … Continue reading

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