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Prince Of Wales

9°C, rain, clearing. The Prince of Wales inspired little respect in me a few decades ago. Over the last ten years, he has risen greatly in my esteem. Today he said "Have you got anywhere with McDonald’s, have you tried … Continue reading

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9°C, clear  This video is getting lots of hits on my own website. It’s quite old now, made about 18 months ago. It uses ragdoll dynamic simulation that is part of the Havok engine in 3ds max 6. I can’t … Continue reading

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Inherit the world?

10°C, showers So you’re going to inherit the world. We’re trying to be more "green" for the sake of generations to come. Our youngsters are going to inherit the world from us so we’d best hand it over in a … Continue reading

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9°C, cloudy & dry. 3DS Max: Animating caterpillar tracks if far easier than you’d think. This opens the possibility of animating a Kettenrad, a German 1940s motorbike with a pair of caterpillar tracks instead of a rear wheel. Finally, an … Continue reading

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7°C, dull & misty. 68 miles. Blog: statistics claim 10,000 views today. I knew something was wrong with that feature. Since the new look, the count has been impossible to believe. Now it has jumped 9,000 in one day.

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Music And Lyrics

9°C, clear. Film: we left the cinema trying to remember a film as bad as "Music & lyrics". The Idea was sound, the cast of good heritage- so the ingrediants aren’t against the story. But it was handled as if … Continue reading

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Holiday mode=On.

9°C, showers, some heavy. This & that: posting to Flickr, shopping and trying to get a builder to repair our roof. Why is it so difficult to return a phone call, or give us the quote promised? What else? Mending … Continue reading

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DIMM slots unreliable

2ºC, snow thawing. Started the day Painting: continued with fine tuning, moved the vein on the horse’s muzzle, adde a layer to the man’s face and so on. I have an idea for the background, so that could change tomorrow. … Continue reading

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Turned a corner.

2°C, snowing. On this glorious (day off) I made a considerable move forward with the second Horse-Stalker painting. A lesson should be learnt here, persist and those slow doubtful days will pass. they had to be done, now I have … Continue reading

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School’s out!

School snowed off! How that cheered me up this morning.

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