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Why I hate shopping.

10°C, cool easterly dry wind. It’s mostly the disappointment. Shopping is about making choices, you go into a shop and either choose something that doesn’t fit, or you choose to leave the shop. It doesn’t matter whether I want clothes … Continue reading

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Introverts of the world, rise up!

Introverts of the world, rise up! This is a nice idea. Someone is sticking up for all those quiet, thoughtful and introspective people. The ones who fit the cliché silent but deep. It’s a problem in education, we, as … Continue reading

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Innoo solar battery pack

Review: relatively low cost for its power storage, and fairly robust. I chose this one because I need recharging on the go, especially backpacking. Last week, I ran it down to one car with 3 charges, mine and other people’s … Continue reading

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Seeds’ half-life.

2~9°C, bright sun. Do seeds have a half-life? This window propagator was seeded with Magnolia from an old packet. The use-by date was 2012 and about half have germinated.

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Seed of an idea.

Getting dark now, 5°C and clear. We walk about 6km/hr on good, flat sooth ground. About 4mph, or 40 miles in 10 hours, 80 in 20. Would it be possible to walk 100 miles in a day? That sounds pretty … Continue reading

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One hour’s blast.

Lights on in daytime, kid’s motivations, Continue reading

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High Blood pressure, or not? Playing with a blood pressure gadget at home. I  got three readings within a few minutes: 172/93 x77 144/78 x92 111/81 x113 100/63 x 120 Systolic/diastolic x heartrate. Perhaps best ignore this device. The standard … Continue reading

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‘Good grief’.

5°C, negligible N breeze. Clear sky white dry salty roads. Commute with MapMyRide+! Distance: 25.08mi, time: 01:43:03, pace: 4:07min/mi, speed: 14.60mi/h. Strange encounter: the ride home took me through Weeford. Weeford has a short part climb which is a … Continue reading

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4°C, light NE, sunny. Floating back upto the surface for air now. It’s cold but the sun does shine.

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Happy 2016.

2016’s tick-off list: Hill and Moorland qualification, 6,000 on the bikes, Kintail munro loop, Drop a kilo, Christmas food indulgence means a bit of weight gain. I want to get under 13st 12 by the end of January. ‘

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