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Talking without listening.

Britain seems to be an increasingly angry place. Were talking about it since the Brexit vote of 2016. The papers, online, radio and TV are filled with people expressing opinions. They are talking but not listening. Here is a letter … Continue reading

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A fixie and bagpipes.

8°C, brightening up with increasing SW wind. 1, The birds were lively today. I heard curlews, lapwings and another strange one. The latter’s sound carried a very long way but eventually I got there. A guy stopped his van and … Continue reading

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Why I hate shopping.

10°C, cool easterly dry wind. It’s mostly the disappointment. Shopping is about making choices, you go into a shop and either choose something that doesn’t fit, or you choose to leave the shop. It doesn’t matter whether I want clothes … Continue reading

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Introverts of the world, rise up!

Introverts of the world, rise up! This is a nice idea. Someone is sticking up for all those quiet, thoughtful and introspective people. The ones who fit the cliché silent but deep. It’s a problem in education, we, as … Continue reading

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Innoo solar battery pack

Review: relatively low cost for its power storage, and fairly robust. I chose this one because I need recharging on the go, especially backpacking. Last week, I ran it down to one car with 3 charges, mine and other people’s … Continue reading

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Seeds’ half-life.

2~9°C, bright sun. Do seeds have a half-life? This window propagator was seeded with Magnolia from an old packet. The use-by date was 2012 and about half have germinated.

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Seed of an idea.

Getting dark now, 5°C and clear. We walk about 6km/hr on good, flat sooth ground. About 4mph, or 40 miles in 10 hours, 80 in 20. Would it be possible to walk 100 miles in a day? That sounds pretty … Continue reading

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One hour’s blast.

Lights on in daytime, kid’s motivations, Continue reading

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High Blood pressure, or not? Playing with a blood pressure gadget at home. I  got three readings within a few minutes: 172/93 x77 144/78 x92 111/81 x113 100/63 x 120 Systolic/diastolic x heartrate. Perhaps best ignore this device. The standard … Continue reading

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‘Good grief’.

5°C, negligible N breeze. Clear sky white dry salty roads. Commute with MapMyRide+! Distance: 25.08mi, time: 01:43:03, pace: 4:07min/mi, speed: 14.60mi/h. Strange encounter: the ride home took me through Weeford. Weeford has a short part climb which is a … Continue reading

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