Why I hate shopping.

10°C, cool easterly dry wind.
It’s mostly the disappointment. Shopping is about making choices, you go into a shop and either choose something that doesn’t fit, or you choose to leave the shop.
It doesn’t matter whether I want clothes or  a sleeping bag. Most clothes are either sized for medium people, or for fat people. Clothes for larger men are the same as medium except that have fat belly space. Sleeves are usually the same length as are trouser legs. Short sleeves and legs don’t have adjustable hems any more.​

A capella, acapulca, a poodle-goat, as you can see.

Sleeping bags are sometimes available in long lengths. I say available, but that doesn’t mean any shops have them in stock, it doesn’t even mean the importer has any either. The sleeping bag I want may be available by the end of February.
Are you getting a sense of why I don’t like shopping?

Introverts of the world, rise up!


Introverts of the world, rise up!

This is a nice idea. Someone is sticking up for all those quiet, thoughtful and introspective people. The ones who fit the cliché silent but deep.

It’s a problem in education, we, as teachers, don’t interact well with introverts. Quiet kids are forced to act in a demonstrative way to keep their teachers happy. Without that, the assumption is made that the quiet ones are not involved in the lesson. Observers often believe that no learning is taking place.
Teachers, by their nature, are often extroverts. There is relatively little common ground between the two.

What do you think?

Innoo solar battery pack

Review: relatively low cost for its power storage, and fairly robust. I chose this one because I need recharging on the go, especially backpacking. Last week, I ran it down to one car with 3 charges, mine and other people’s phones.
Since then, it’s been propped up on a south facing window sill in bright sunny May conditions.
Seven days later, it has built up 1 more bar of charge. I accept that these charge indicators are arbitrary, but will it really take three weeks to charge up in full sunshine?


After 1 week in full sun.


High Blood pressure, or not?
Playing with a blood pressure gadget at home. I  got three readings within a few minutes:
172/93 x77
144/78 x92
111/81 x113
100/63 x 120
Systolic/diastolic x heartrate.
Perhaps best ignore this device.

The standard top measure is 140/90.
If the first readings are right, I have high blood pressure. In order to improve I should:
1 eat less salt,
2 eat more fruit and vegetables,
3 healthy weight,
4 Drink less alcohol,
5 exercise more.
But I cook without salt (and ready meals- never), eat almost only vegetarian, Bmi 23, 1 unit per week average, 10-14 hours exercise each week.
Ignore it?
It’s probably like the bathroom scales. They’re not much use either if you weigh yourself at a different time each day.

Happy 2016.


Put on a good face.

2016’s tick-off list:
Hill and Moorland qualification,
6,000 on the bikes,
Kintail munro loop,
Drop a kilo, Christmas food indulgence means a bit of weight gain. I want to get under 13st 12 by the end of January.

Are you cold today?

4°C clear start.
Do you feel the cold more if your family is from Africa, or southern Asia? Many pupils at school think so. They all had anecdotes about their families at home who run the heating at home on high. Some wear warm, woolly clothes right into high summer. They suggest it’s genetic!
I suppose it’s a form of ‘soft racism’ but they would be horrified to consider its association with that word. I offered the idea that we can acclimatise to a country’s climate, but they thought race was the real reason.
There is much distortion in the meaning of the word ‘racist’. I would be surprised to hear that feeling cold has a genetic cause. However, I am prepared to change that belief.
Evidence anyone?

Meal deal.

8C, gales and heavy showers.
The commercial monster loves Valentine’s day. All that kitsch sickly pink plastic packaging has been peddled for weeks now. They have missed a trick though. A fifth of brits live alone, or some figure like that. The gap in the market is here-
The Valentine’s Meal Deal For One. It would look the same as the meal for two. I would include a bottle of wine, but it’s half empty. The chocolate box would be conspicuously missing half of the chocs, the ones you love most are strangely missing.

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Traffic Police.

C, windy.
Desperate for a break, this weekend will have to do.
Motorway cops- a documentary series on BBC television is easy watching. None of the sensational drama that seems to encourage crime as found on other channels. It did leave me with some questions.
One incident closed the motorway because of a multi-car crash. The front car driver said red car braked in front and then 4 more collided in a cascade. It was never established who caused it all, so no charges were filed. Breathalysers were used but no checks were made on mobile phones. Also, none of the following cars were prosecuted for tail-gating.
The most disturbing incident involved the death of a cyclist. The body was found on the busy, fast section of the A10, late at night with fast traffic still passing. Police spent time searching for alter and were interrupted by a phone call. Police went round to a mini driver’s house where a badly damaged car was parked. The wind-screen was broken on the near-side and the driver thought she had hit an animal. When told of the death of a man, she collapsed and threw up.
Back at the accident scene, was the body dressed in dark clothes, a mangled bike with no lights or reflectors. The victim was also very drunk.
I felt rather sorry for the mini driver. She will have to come to terms with killing someone, which was in no way, her fault.
A troubling programme. She was breathalized, a standard procedure. But why are mobile phones not checked as standard procedure? Distraction would explain at least 3 of the unexplained accidents, and phone companies hold those records.
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