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Cross is difficult, but not hard.

I rode The Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 43.42mi, time: 04:14:44, pace: 5:52min/mi, speed: 10.23mi/h. finally decided to take my cyclocross bike up Cannock Chase. Winding my way through Chorley and the not to gentle Gentleshaw, then the getting lost … Continue reading

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Saturday Canal 16

I rode Cyclocross with MapMyRide+! Distance: 15.78mi, time: 01:25:52, pace: 5:27min/mi, speed: 11.02mi/h. Another loop round the local canal circuit. Towpaths are even more dry and hard. I barely saw anybody. An early cafe stop for breakfast would have … Continue reading

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Solstice Ride.

Strong wind, 14°C, sunny with some grey times. I rode fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 48.18mi, time: 03:06:10, pace: 3:52min/mi, speed: 15.53mi/h. Today, I struggled to even get fifty miles done. Felt empty by the finish. Some rides are like … Continue reading

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Saturday vinyl.

14°C, rain clearing later. Vinyl. This Mortal Coil: It Will End In Tears. Saturday morning music time. Seems like the best time for vinyl for me. The album sounds a bit dated to be honest, but it did lead me … Continue reading

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18°C, breezy, grey and some light rain. Rode The Jake to work for the return by canal. This morning’s ride saw 4 drivers using mobiles and 2 more who jumped red lights. But the funny bit: Small women have trouble … Continue reading

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Feed some goats.

13°C, dull and some slight drizzle. I rode Fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 55.7mi, time: 03:28:15, pace: 3:44min/mi, speed: 16.1mi/h. A fairly ordinary ride on the Paddywagon. Start was late while I waited for some light rain to finish. The … Continue reading

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Ilam for a spud.

I rode Racelite with MapMyRide+! Distance: 86.54mi, time: 05:58:43, pace: 4:09min/mi, speed: 14.48mi/h. Big ride in cool but bright sun. North westerly was fresh which reduced my choices. It’s usually best to come home with a tail-wind. Therefore, The … Continue reading

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Worcester north.

20°C, building breeze, full sun. Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition. There were groups this year, and a chance to use the recent training. First day was an 8 mile walk. As always, the kids’ stamina was a serious limitation, though … Continue reading

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14°C, light SW, bright sun. Rode home on the Arrow, with MapMyRide+! Distance: 23.50mi, time: 02:07:35, pace: 5:26min/mi, speed: 11.05mi/h. Burst a tyre: maybe I hit a piece of metal, the hole but is quite large. No point trying … Continue reading

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Tight nest.

16°C, very windy. Dry after morning rain. Today, the foliage spiders are nesting in two tight bunches. In close-up there are fine threads of silk holding the soft feathery tips of the fennel they have as a nursery. I am … Continue reading

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