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Peleliu layered

19°C, showers later. Peleliu looks much better in FSX. The island, like most in the Pacific is built on a seamount (a volcano), with some jungle and edged with coral reefs. Waves actually break offshore over the reefs and not … Continue reading

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Urgent tottering

15°C, sun The olympic torch procession thing passed through town today, I think. there was a nucleus of noise and crowds which is calming down now. I was out with the dog and could hear music, horns, pea-whistles and amplified … Continue reading

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NHS direct

13°C, wind & broken sunshine Amid furious itching, I used the NHSdirect website to decide whether I have excema or a dermatitis brought on by exposure to some trigger. the webbing bit between my fingers on one hand are ablaze. … Continue reading

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18°C, wind & sunny bits Ill and off work but after a monster sleep, you find me feeling better. Making Scenery for FSX like old times. The default land texture for Peleliu in the Pacific is a joke. It should … Continue reading

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What the end of the world looks like…

18°C, torrential rain followed by nice sun 10am the sky darkened, so dark it looked like 5pm on a late November evening. The difference was, there were no streetlights to cast a dull orange glow onto the undersides of clouds. … Continue reading

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16°C, rain. This has to be the worst hay-fever since I moved to the Midlands. My eyes are filled with tears that fail to sooth the itching. Each day ends with a mild headache which reminds me of that concussion … Continue reading

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hay fever

18°C, light westerly. Pollen Tuesday is pollen day. It’s coming off the grass flowers like talcum powder. My reaction is to itch & sneeze. The itching is getting so bad that I want the ability to reach inside my head … Continue reading

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Cold summer- what shall I read?

12°C, cool & wet. I admit, it’s a nice problem to have- which book shall I read next? Canada has the best reviews, or 1Q84 does. Stalker would be the easiest to get through though I an quite prepared to … Continue reading

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13°C, grey. Phone rings in the middle of the day- no-one I know & it’s a bank holiday: “Are you the man of the house? Me: say again. Are you the man of the house? Me: What does that mean?” … Continue reading

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She ended her story.

13°C, grey & cool, CR:53 miles Dear Bessie finished her story today. A story that spanned 14½ years. She became ill just over a day ago while I was on my way to the Lake District. Mum called me back home … Continue reading

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