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On the Step

8°C, rain Rosie is on watch. She sits on this step as it’s the only one she can see out of the front door’s small window. she may, if very lucky, bark at a passer-by.

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Which TV?

4°C, rain. I want a new TV. the one I have drives me nuts- there is a high pitched whining noise (even when the sound is muted)from my CRT set. New TVs are currently cheap, between £300 & £.silly, but … Continue reading

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Boxing day

10°C, sun & strong wind. CK:57 miles Good Christmases have to include a good bikeride, this one was despite the wind. It was warm (relatively) so much that I sneaked into a farm to use a standpipe to replenish my … Continue reading

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10~6°C, rain This plan: Bent the flashing under that window to help it drain over a roof tile. Temporarily shoved a wad of plastic in front of the point that the water seems to get in. Let’s see how it … Continue reading

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12°C, Westerly Investigating a damp patch in the attic. Started with taking up the floorboards in the top room to have a look. There is a dark patch around the point that the pipes come out of the floor to … Continue reading

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12°C, light cloud, light NW. CA:29½ miles Flagged a little on the ride today, especially near the end. Dehydration was probably the cause. Took until 9pm to feel back to normal and stop worrying that I have an oncoming cold. … Continue reading

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no white Christmas

5°C, rain & warming. CK26 miles Decent ride around Lancs in the gloaming. The new Armadillo tyre seems fine. Naturally, I’m wary of tough, puncture resistant tyres but there are many punctures to be had in Lancs- especially on those … Continue reading

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0300 Night Watch

0°C, clear out. Orion visible 3am: often I’m awake at this time of night. It has formed a pattern like this over the past few months. I fall into deep sleep at 10pm, but wake at 3. It could be … Continue reading

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44 Inch Chest

1°C, clearing to ice Film: 44 Inch Chest: more like a play with fine acting from established British actors like John Hurt. It was all atmosphere and dialogue a story about a group of London old criminals. My fellow audience … Continue reading

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5°C, light winds, snow threatened then stayed away. The desktop computer is no longer faulty. It couldn’t connect to the internet and this seemed to cause other problems too. The odd thing is, I didn’t fix it, no-one did. Perhaps … Continue reading

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