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19°C, cold NE wind. Non-stop sun, no cloud. "All through the night, the wind looks for the grief it belongs to" WS Merwin Oops: what’s the daftest thing you have done recently? After working late with some 6th form technologists- I loaded … Continue reading

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Answer- Checkhov

probably 20°C later, + sun hopefully. Next week’s play is by Checkhov, “Three sisters”. Also worth looking at is the coming Lichfield Festival. You get some fantastic things on there: Arvo Pärt, Five minute theatre, Shostakovich’s- “The Nose”, and so … Continue reading

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Complicite: “A disappearing Number”

20°C, clear, N wind Theatre: Just got back from the Warwick Arts Centre, a play that left us feeling stunned- such was its brilliance. Complicite is the company that put it on, a play of their own devising. The play … Continue reading

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Scaffolding down

18°C, wet then dry, 73% humid. Scaffolding: the house is now uncaged: I really hated having that surrounding us; it was ugly, restrictive and blocked the TV antenna. The worst bit for me was sleeping in another room because the … Continue reading

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Eternal damnation

19°C, rain. Homecoming: Got home tonight to find the dogs barking energetically at the door. It was that "intruder" bark- each barkworthy event has its own bark. In this case there were a pair of smartly dressed young men who … Continue reading

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19°C, Builders: we are surrounded by scaffolding. There is a new roof above, dust on the garden and some delicate delightful flowering plants crushed out of existence. On the upside, despite the high cost of the kind of house repair, … Continue reading

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Oil wash- rubbed away

14°C, clear. Turpentine day 1: You’ve seen the rubbing away technique on these pages before, but not in black. It’s a very slippery method, it needs reworking many times since it’s prone to unexpected marks. Good thing is that the tonality … Continue reading

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23°C, summer sun after a foggy start. C= 61.4 miles It’s summer! You’d think it was April, but no- look outside.   This has been the best Easter break for years. I’m tired now though, with today’s ride, that adds … Continue reading

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16°C, clear & 3DS Max: detailing the old Barracuda model: new canopy, flaps and mapping partly done. I found out why the previous animation took so long to render- it had global illumination left on- that multiplies rendering time by … Continue reading

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Shalebridge cradle

14°C, grey then it cleared.: C=29miles 3DS Max: rendered a short clip of the Barracuda model, it’s only 4 seconds long and 400×300 size, but it still took over 2½ hours. Let’s see how that changes after building the new … Continue reading

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