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Fixed the longest.

18C, N breeze, bright sun. I rode fixed- Distance: 72.17mi, time: 04:42:03, pace: 3:54min/mi, speed: 15.3mi/h. This is most likely my longest ride on a fixed gear bike. I sometimes claim that riding fixed is worth about 10% distance … Continue reading

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No wonder!

15°C, heavy rain, dramatic thunderstorm. No wonder I was tired yesterday. This week, I have ridden nearly 200 miles. I decided to take the day off the bike today and drive to work. There is no certainty in my mind, … Continue reading

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Midsummer dreams.

Rain, after 2 weeks of dry. June dreams. My curtains are not dense enough. These early light mornings spoil sleep for many, me included. This week included the earliest sunrise of the year. There is a bonus, I often wake … Continue reading

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Long, slow and hot.

23C, still and sunny. Rode summer bike: Distance: 79.75mi, time: 05:23:29, pace: 4:03min/mi, speed: 14.8mi/h. Passed through Heather with a tall oily black column of smoke from the north. It looked as if it came from a farmyard near … Continue reading

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Tin Wifi booster.

22C, soft breeze, sun. Mid-summer’s day: a day of rest and fixing stuff about the house. Take time out with a cup of tea and watch YouTube. Found by chance, a video claiming to cleverly fix Wifi reception problems. I … Continue reading

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Rode fixed: Distance: 46.23mi, time: 02:50:29, pace: 3:41min/mi, speed: 16.27mi/h. Had quite a pacey ride today after a sluggish morning. This is a picture from a school trip last Tuesday. Birmingham museum has a range of Victorian, steam machines. … Continue reading

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16C, no wind, feels warmer. 29miles fixed. Back on the bike. it’s been a week since the last ride, and three weeks since that cold came on. That makes today’s ride a recovery one. They are characterised by a feeling … Continue reading

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General summary.

2 days of warm sun, and now- thunder. First DofE trip camping trip of the year. Sun is strong, and pollen dense. Day two was remote supervision, and for a change, there was a lot to do. Worcestershire is a … Continue reading

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Bumbus nesting.

21C, no wind, few slow clouds. Rode 8speed, Distance: 32.91mi, time: 02:16:09, pace: 4:08min/mi, speed: 14.50mi/h. Another slow ride; I bet this feeling drags on for another week. The sun shone brightly though. Meanwhile on the home front- my … Continue reading

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