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Shopping: bought a nice new laptop style bag from Muji. Even not owning a laptop doesn’t stop these things being useful. Muji is a very nice shop, and with my birthday coming up in a couple of months, I suggest you plan a trip there. They have likable clothes, stationary and hand-made sketchbooks- of which I bought a little one today.
It’s two weeks since we started back at school. Still we are plagued by uneven sleep routines, bouts of tiredness or surplus energy. Barely done any painting in the last few weeks, though drawing is coming back. Is it always like this at this time of year?
Actually, yes.

Actionscript: I really need a usable book that I can learn Actionscript in Flash 8. It’s really hard to decide on which one, there are dozens. Any suggestions?

News: is full of a story that is silly enough to be in the Castle of Camelot when full of knights. The Pope has finally apologised for some citation he made in a lecture in Regensburgh University. While you are on a roll mate, any chance of looking at the Catholic Church’s support for the Nazi Genocide? Your organisation still has dirty hands from that one. When you have done that, can we go onto the next one on the list?
….this may take some time.

On the other side, what do we think of a group of protestors- complaining about linking Mohammod with "evil & inhuman" behaviour? It’s the bit where those indignant men burnt an effigy of that pope, isn’t that a symbolic death threat? Those chaps aren’t doing the cause any good are they?

They can’t be as silly as the Yorkshire hens besieging schools with their packets of deep fried chips.

1 thought on “Muji

  1. You know, when you see the prices in Yen of Muji stuff you realise you’re paying waaay more for it for the Japanese. Ah well. Purty stuff. Shush about your birthday. It’s mine first!
    You know, I don’t remember being this tired same time last year. Let’s hope for good, happy sleep.


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