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A most satisfying day.

12ºC, 3/5 cloud, mod W. CA:36 miles. Jobs done– marking while Dave measured the staircase; replacement part for the clock-radio arrived; paint some outside door-frames; go cycling, and enjoy feeling recovered. Every holiday is the same- feel semi-ill with tiredness … Continue reading

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Hurry, rest, there isn’t much time.

16ºC, sunny with wind. Big storm coming: Sunday night, gales, Monday heavy rain. Film: Sightseers. Serial killer goes on holiday in a caravan. This is like Mike Leigh with casual murder. Beautifully shot and rendered on Bluray. And funny too. … Continue reading

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15°C, wet morning, sun afternoon. Shorts weather. CD, Skyphone– I confess, at the start, that I don’t really know how to review a CD. So all I can do, is make a recommendation. Currently, there only exist two CDs from … Continue reading

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Over the top.

12°C, rain, I hit a car this morning. It pulled out, in front of me by a hotel near work. Traffic was slow and I was overtaking on the right at low speed. A car pulled out of the hotel … Continue reading

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15ºC heavy showers, I teach 17 groups which vary in size from 28 down to 12 kids. Most classes come in 16s. In all that makes 265 pupils, each of whom is supposed to receive one homework a week. For … Continue reading

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Absurdly wet

16ºC, heavy rain. Will this ever end? The world will be washed away eventually. I blame the comets, they brought it all here originally during the second heavy bombardment. This weather causes steamed up glasses when I stop at traffic  … Continue reading

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17ºC, wind + rain Recovery ride- with MapMyRide! Distance: 38.74mi, time: 02:35:56, Recovering from backache, something that may stem from the cold that plagued my last 2 weeks. Perhaps the lack of exercise or excessive time spent in the … Continue reading

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Prisoners’ votes.

BBC.– prisoners won’t get the vote after all. The story brought up all sorts of arguments about justice, European interference, sovereignty and stuff. My problem was that I couldn’t easily make the bridges between arguments presented. On one hand, the … Continue reading

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12°C, showers and grey. No miles, still held up with this cold, but at least the plateau stage has gone. At this rate I could be back on the saddle by Wednesday. The only exercise has been with the dog. … Continue reading

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15ºC, E wind. Drive- heavy traffic and mostly stationary. Average speed was 12mph, meaning it took over 50 minutes to get there. I drove because I am still ill, but what about all the other drivers? Why are they in … Continue reading

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