5°C, sunny but something is changing

These things are charming.

I’m some books, mosses are categorised as primitive plants (non-vascular, and like the lichens, they don’t have roots). That means, as a group,  they’re actually very old. Their sophistication is perhaps, not visible. Internally, I suspect, they have advanced features.
They are easy plants to keep, you don’t have to ‘plant’ them, nor prune or feed them. Just leave a pot somewhere damp and then ignore it. A badly drained saucer will help. You probably have mosses growing in hidden parts of your house, most probably the gutters.
If only we could stop and look closely more often.

HDR on a phone.

10°C, cloudy, mostly dry.

No ride
today as I’m fighting off a cold. There is a pattern this winter, no blockbuster colds. Instead, I have these days where I feels oncoming, but then fades away again.

, I downloaded an app for my phone to do HDR photos. Hour an old low cost phone, but the results are okay. You have to be careful with the settings because it’s too easy to overdo the effect.​

It works on low light rooms shots too. However, grain is often exaggerated which makes the picture look dirty.​