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Biped, and speed renders

20°C, rain, seemingly endless till sunset. 3DS Max: for the 3-peaks video, I wanted to add some of the night-shots. There weren’t many pictures taken in the dark, so I decided to do a 3D animation. Max is good at this kind … Continue reading

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18°C, some sun, few showers. Interactive whiteboards: new scare, see here. It almost reads like exposure to radiation.   On a work related theme, we’re getting the new version of M$ Office. In the last 5 years or so, M$ … Continue reading

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Tchernobyl- and STALKER

15°C, N wind and sunny(mostly) GAME: playing a new game- as mentioned a few posts ago. This is work commenting on because it’s so immersive, there are lots of detailed touches that make the game worth exploring as an activity … Continue reading

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Boot sometimes

21°C, heavy showers and sun RAM delivery arrived yesterday. It’s not right again- sometimes it fails to boot up, with only the fans and hard discs starting up- no bleeps or anything. Putting in both RAM sticks worked well enough … Continue reading

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Cat on the head.

20°C, heavy rain & light sun Dawn surprise: 04.10 (am) cat falls on my head, all clumsy and claws. That leaves bloody gouges on my scalp which ache like  bruises. Stupid creature climbs in through the window, teeters past the clock … Continue reading

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Stuck at home

19°C, cloud & sun but dry. Stuck with no cycling. Still held up with that cold from a week ago- how frustrating. Nevermind, I’ve drafted a letter of complaint to Eclipse; set up the computer so the expected RAM delivery can … Continue reading

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waiting a week…

14°C, rain, lots of it. Eclipse computers: have an answer phone system that doesn’t answer. I phonesd to get a a loud electronic voice saying "all our customer advisers are busy, we will answer shortly; you are number one in … Continue reading

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Summer cold

24.5°C ( yesterday). Clear & sunny. Got a summer cold, a very achey snotty affair this one. I have to sleep frequently, and would take a day off school if it weren’t the weekend.  

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Disturbed sight.

22.5°C, sun Something disturbing happened at work today. I started to ses fliskering bright lights, as if dazzled by the sun. It crept in from the right side of my vision, mostly in my right eye and eventually started to … Continue reading

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We’re going again!

16°C, light cloud, no breaks, no wind. Looks like we may have another bash at beating the 3 Peaks, this time with lessons learned and a determination to beat the challenge, not the other way around. Some good people have … Continue reading

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