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Not deliberate

6°C, wintery reprise Lovelock says it’s too late (BBC) to save the planet. I’m sort of inclined to feel no surprise. However, my preception is that we’re not going to save the planet because there is no will to do … Continue reading

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7°C, NW wind, getting colder Red-nose; thanks midge, I even dreamed that I had to pull the sting out after you’d bitten me. My hand is swollen and now the end of my nose. The bright red colour is the … Continue reading

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Hazel’s lady’s-pinkbits

12°C, W breeze, sunny Hazel is showing off her pink lady-parts: yes it’s time for some garden innuendo, and there’s more where this came from.In close-up, you can see what looks like pollen. In case you don’t know, the dangling … Continue reading

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13°C, sunny but quite windy. Domestic day, painting woodwork, fixing things and stuff. Put up the tent in the garden to check its condition. I was so close to going camping last night, but decided to stay and do essential … Continue reading

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Red slabs

11°C, rain, dried up now. I get home about an hour before sunset, just time to plant out some digitalis you’d think. Scoop out some holes and mix a bit of compost to enrich the soil, then clink. So here … Continue reading

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Camellia sinensis

13°C, sunny. Cold start with frost; c67miles Ouch; knee pain, though the knee buffeted in that crash last month, I suspect this is caused by the summer bike’s pedals.more later Rosie excelled herself today. She’s learned a new trick and … Continue reading

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Dangling ‘gentlemen’s bits’

13°C, some rain under grey sky Corkscrew Hazel : is displaying his man-parts. they dangle and flap in the wind, sharing pollen.  This may be why I have slight hay-fever symptoms.The same plant has opened its ladies-bits too, tiny purple … Continue reading

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13°C, rain has come after a long dusty dry time Fishtank: Raw, sharply realistic story of a mid-teens girl finding an escape from the dreadful estates around Rodney Marshes in Essex. What impressed me, apart from the almost Mike Leigh … Continue reading

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12°C, dry, some cloud Like last year– waking up absurdly early. Today, 5 am, out of bed by 10 past.Unlike last year– spring is starting about 2 weeks later here. Some shoots peeking through.

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All clear

11°C, dry & calm, It’s okay Rosie: no insurance required after last week’s report from the Gov’t. They wanted all dog owners to pay for compulsory 3rd party dog insurance. It fell over when it became obvious that the breeds … Continue reading

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