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Acorns and things

19°C, thin cloud. I’ve forgotten how to type properly. That’s not good, we go back to work next week, and are getting "psyched-up" for that. My Appointments lit for the second day has been thrown out my admin’ staff – … Continue reading

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Second complete

24°C, clear, sunny & low humidity. Linseed: Done another- second painting finished this holiday- the other being "Double-cross" which has been hanging around while I decide whether to do any more to it.

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22°C, clear today., Yesterday C=32 miles; day before C=51. Young Oak: Below is a picture of the Acorns from a young oak tree. Some of them are malformed- perhaps due to the gall wasps laying eggs on many of the … Continue reading

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18°C, some showers, bright sun; c=34 miles Showers, bright sun, therefore- Rainbows!

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18°C, rain It’s Wednesday, and I forgot to put the bins out! Linseed: another day another layer, just like old times. The linseed layers are rather patchy, but as layers are piled on, the surface gets more lustrous with a … Continue reading

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revive canvas

24°C, clouds threatening but no rain. Linseed: got that SquareJaw picture up and running. That was started last easter, so it’s been sitting around for ages. In previous pictures it had Turpentine layers marking out the structural tone of the … Continue reading

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I’m back

 24°C, clear. C=88.9 miles Rode home from South Wales today, not a cloud (…etcetera). I’ll upload some photos later. chose a different route back since there were some nasty hills in the Wyre Forest going out last week. My mapdidn’t … Continue reading

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back in oil

Linseed: first return to painting for months. Made a workable change to the hiking picture " Doublecross".the faces have looked terrible for ages, as have silhouettes. Better now.

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How is it doing?

18°C, some rain due this morning. Pigeon: we’ve been looking out for a pigeon with no tail, not seen it yet. It can’t be too disasterous for a bird to loose its tail- crows can often be seen in this state- … Continue reading

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24°C, clear & light winds Clawing the chimney-stack: Hannah called me down about an hour ago because she could see claws in the chimney. It explains the odd noises we heard all morning, an animal must have been trapped and … Continue reading

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