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June tomorrow

15C, , easing westerly. KC44 miles. June already, but I haven’t finished with May yet. Look, here I am wishing my life away in an inverted way and I’ve been in bed since 8.30pm. Can I use an excuse? I’d … Continue reading

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Algal bloom

17°C, sunny earlier. The pond has gone all green and bubbly looking. What’s going on down there? I hope the bubbles are oxygen, otherwise the animals I introduced the other day might asphyxiate. Perhaps not though, it does look fizzy … Continue reading

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Pond life

16°C, Sun. The pond is now populated with some plants, But the water is cloudy with algae now. I’m holding out for the plants having the effect of clearing the water. There are animals in there that depend on it, … Continue reading

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Weekend’s sleep spoilt

16C, clearing up, still windy. Been away: on work’s DofE trip. Now I’m sleep deprived, the first walk didn’t finish until 8pm so the kids were still cooking at 10pm. Other teachers didn’t eat until after that. Such an arrangement … Continue reading

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16°C, rain. The world ended on Saturday afternoon. I was sitting in a field in the sunshine at the time, all I noticed that is mildly relevant was a strong breeze, oh and a barge chugged past on the canal. Judgement … Continue reading

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I return: bothered

16°C, Sun light breeze Rode in good time to work today. That malaise has lifted, I had a strong feeling that it was a bug, and this pretty much confirms it. Now I can be bothered to post; you’ll be … Continue reading

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17°C, grey but mostly dry. I’m bothered by a deep seated can’t-be-bothered feeling. It’s as if there is some minor background illness, perhaps some virus or a cold that wants to be sneaky about it. My legs feel empty, my … Continue reading

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18°C, cloudy & sunny stuff They’ve charged me for nitrogen filling in a tyre repair. No, I didn’t ask for it, the stuff I have been putting in tyres for 20 years is 80% nitrogen anyway- why pay extra for … Continue reading

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16°C, showers & more crispy sun This is the best animation of a pulsar I have yet seen. It does a good job of conveying the rotation rate- 30turns per second. I’d like to know a bit more about who … Continue reading

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I have a pond

20C, cloudy, but more torrents are a coming. Filled it up this afternoon. The rim is not exactly level, so I will have to hide the edges with plants. It needs to stand for a few weeks now before introducing … Continue reading

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