June tomorrow

15C, Sun, easing westerly. KC44 miles.

June already, but I haven’t finished with May yet. Look, here I am wishing my life away in an inverted way and I’ve been in bed since 8.30pm. Can I use an excuse? I’d like to use the one about cycling 44 miles then driving 100 more.

My old dog is certified stupid- I have just had to rescue her. She’s been barking for a while, that bark she has reserved for ‘let me out’. So, the caring responsible pet owner that I am, I went to investigate. There she was standing on the kitchen table, unable to get down. I hope I get into scrapes like that when I’m old.

Pond life

16°C, Sun.

The pond is now populated with some plants, But the water is cloudy with algae now. I’m holding out for the plants having the effect of clearing the water. There are animals in there that depend on it, including leeches!

Look out the doorway

Weekend’s sleep spoilt

16C, clearing up, still windy.

Been away: on work’s DofE trip. Now I’m sleep deprived, the first walk didn’t finish until 8pm so the kids were still cooking at 10pm. Other teachers didn’t eat until after that. Such an arrangement doesn’t work for me.


Film:Breaking The WavesLars Von Trier. A difficult film this one, but somehow compelling. Not one to watch with your folks I found. Stark and a test of stamina, you need to cope with the mental illness theme; if you can, there is a reward despite the feeling that you’re being tested.

I return: bothered

16°C, Sun light breeze

Rode in good time to work today. That malaise has lifted, I had a strong feeling that it was a bug, and this pretty much confirms it. Now I can be bothered to post; you’ll be relieved to hear.


17°C, grey but mostly dry.

I’m bothered by a deep seated can’t-be-bothered feeling. It’s as if there is some minor background illness, perhaps some virus or a cold that wants to be sneaky about it. My legs feel empty, my head sleepy and I’m exhibiting symptoms of laziness. I hate this; it’s burrowed deep inside and leaves me feeling bored. I look on those who complain of boredom with distain. Now it’s me. Last time this malaise lifted after nearly a week.  hopefully…