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Empty legs.

I rode the ‘paddy wagon’ with MapMyRide+! Distance: 28.20mi, time: 01:54:46, pace: 4:04min/mi, speed: 14.7mi/h. Took the flattest route. Warm-up was a full 12 miles. Yes, it took that long before I felt sort of normal. All that time … Continue reading

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Storyville, 13 years on death row.

6°C, dry with white cloud. BBC: A Death Row Tale: The Fear of 13. Quite the most moving thing I have seen on TV for many years. Practically a single scene play with just the narrator. If tells his own … Continue reading

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‘Good grief’.

5°C, negligible N breeze. Clear sky white dry salty roads. Commute with MapMyRide+! Distance: 25.08mi, time: 01:43:03, pace: 4:07min/mi, speed: 14.60mi/h. Strange encounter: the ride home took me through Weeford. Weeford has a short part climb which is a … Continue reading

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Unnamed storm.

12°C, grey, clearing to sun later; very strong WSW. I rode Paddy Wagon with MapMyRide+! Distance: 52.68mi, time: 03:49:16, pace: 4:21min/mi, speed: 13.79mi/h. Furious howling wind, a tempest even. I tried to select a route that makes the most … Continue reading

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Hills in rain.

I rode Fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 34.53mi, time: 02:25:45, pace: 4:13min/mi, speed: 14.21mi/h. That was an early one, 8am start; which is unusual for me in February. This rain marks the start of a long finger of wet weather … Continue reading

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Banshee 200.

4°C, bright but rain later. New tent; for wild camping. It’s similar to erect to my old faithful Tempest 300. The idea is to pack this into my 65 litre pack and use for wild camping. I shalln’t wait for … Continue reading

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Clieves-Eight, x2

7°C, brisk SW, mostly clear with some showers. I rode Fixed Paddy-Wagon with MapMyRide+! Distance: 9.60mi, time: 36:30, pace: 3:48min/mi, speed: 15.78mi/h. Not much time, so had a quick blast with the fixed. Cold wind blew from the southern … Continue reading

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Coldest night.

-6°C clear and still. I knew it would be cold so took precautions. Last night I used my survival bivvy over the sleeping bag. It gives an extra layer, especially when there’s a breeze. My Rab bivvy is full sized, … Continue reading

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QMD: Cadair Berwyn.

0 to –8°C. April northerly. Mostly clear sky. Full mountain day, after packing up camp, I heard the car rumble by, my colleagues had arrived. We convened a meeting around an outside table to decide which route. Choices ranged from … Continue reading

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Berwyn arrival.

-3°C to -6°C (at summits). Brisk NE, mostly sunny. February mountain day! There’s a first. Arrived yesterday about 6pm as it got dark. The camp owner fixed of us with some firewood and directions. I drove down the pastel track … Continue reading

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