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DofE 4: Cannock Chase

4.1: intro and tuition, walking with the group all day and setting up camp with them. They were fit and able, my group of all lads. The route was on familiar ground, both from previous DofE trips, visits from my … Continue reading

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DofE: 1.1

5°C, dry, brisk S. This was a long drive to deliver residential training in Abingdon near Oxford. Having family half way made an excellent staging post for me though. Some of the other instructors stayed in their cars or went … Continue reading

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14/ Man verses Lakes: marshalling.

20°C, white cloud. 14.1: A late start means a late finish just as night is falling. It’s the problem with the tides determinig the start time for this race. The first stage was over the sands at Silverdale to Grange … Continue reading

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I’m in.

6°C, after a snowy start, the next was vigorous. A chance to try something seen at my old house, an igloo. The snow wasn’t really suitable, it refused to compact densely. The roof fell in before this photo. Anyway, the … Continue reading

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4°C dry and sunny. Drive south to collect stuff for my new house. The wait should be over early next month. Music has meaning again. During the ugliest most stressful stage in my last job, I would listen to music. … Continue reading

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DofE Bronze Practice (a)

22°C, light wind and very bright sun. First expedition of the season. Managing it was saner this year because we split the groups so we took only 35 at a time. Last year, we had 95 kids and although there … Continue reading

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Another one.

24°C, nil wind, nil cloud and simply a perfect day. N+1=5 what have I just bought?​ [Insert paragraph where I justify another bike.] I have test ridden it and it fits well.

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End of (academic) year 2016.

24°C, still and few light clouds. Summer Holiday starts today, we got out early because there isn’t the usual goodbye to staff. This year is different; they’re leaving through redundancy.

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Five get rescued.

24°C, light wind. Clear deep blue. Duke of Edinburgh expedition, qualifying (retakes). Forty odd girls needed to re-take their expedition as a result of failing last year. Most had made a mess of navigation. All groups had most of the … Continue reading

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Diamond abseil.

20°C, bright sun and little wind. Four staff, and five kids from our school went to Matthew Bolton College for a Diamond anniversary of the DofE publicity stunt. Royalty arrived about 11am and we were prepped on what to say. … Continue reading

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