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27°C, clear & still Two loosely related news stories this week have caught my attention with their retrograde trend. One, proposes to raise the speed limit on motorways to 80mph. This has sparked numerous threads on forums (or is that … Continue reading

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What is an ‘Indian summer’?

What is an ‘Indian summer’?. Just to clarify, it’s not an Indian summer until the weekend- it has to be October or November before we can properly use the term.. It’s only a few degrees below the August temperature in Corsica, today peaked at 27.5°C. Tis … Continue reading

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Hot autumn

24°C Soft, cool milky mist early today, soon burnt off by the hot sun. Why can’t this weather be backdated to that wet week in Wales of August last?

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Forecasting the weather reports

16°C, expect the unexpected. Weather fronts moving up from the south will bring periods of uncertainty to areas of the Midlands. Locally, there could be patches of wild guessing amid spots of general accuracy. As the day wears on, expect … Continue reading

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Sunday morning rain.

14°C, rain. CR:? Sunday is cyclingday, so I wake to rain and a washingline full of wet clothes. I face a grim choice: finish the last bit of painting in the attic, or attack the pile of marking while I … Continue reading

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10°C, and rising That cold never did materialise, I felt fine the next day. I’m off soon to switch mortgage, my fixed term runs out next month and it reverts to a tracker, but interest rates are so low I … Continue reading

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16°C, Dry. CA:20 miles The fault lies here. Posted for your peace of mind and a sense of completeness.

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The heat(ing) is on

17°C, Dry, light cloud He’s done it, the water boiler works now. The fan was not guilty all along, it was the circuit board causing trouble. By the look of it, the board is just a set of relays & … Continue reading

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New colds’ season

16C, light clouds, but… It’s coming: a new cold, it’s now cold outside, but I’m not warm inside. And it’s got nothing to do with my home heating not working. The boiler won’t light, but the repair man is dealing … Continue reading

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Silly cows

16°C, towering cumulonimbus- they missed me, just. CR:48 miles Late ride today, with only limited time before sunset at 19.15, so you want to freesteady miles, unimpeded by traffic, then this happens- it’s milking time. Those ladies weren’t in a hurry, … Continue reading

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