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Those drawings….

22°C, cloudy & very humid. Or some of them anyway.

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Now I’m….


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Bioshock, the end

16°C, same Finished at last.

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Bose Dock “popping” fault

16°C, cloudy but dry. Bose Dock doesn’t work? No life from your iPod, no recharge and certainly no sound. All you have is a repeated soft popping sound? FIX: the power jack is inverted. Despite having chamfered pins on the … Continue reading

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the same pattern…

16-22°C, warm but dull overcast. It follows the same pattern, being ill I mean. Yesterday was the worst, ending with going to bed in a fever, shivering under thick bedding. It always feels like such a waste, so many things … Continue reading

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Praise indeed

19°C, light clouds, clearing later. Nice response to my Chernobyl scenery for FSX:Simviation Forum, he said: I just want to praise this scenery, it’s probably one of my favorite all time spots to hover around now in fsx. My only … Continue reading

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Where is Rosie?

20°C, good weather, dry & fresh Today I lost my dog for some time. Some nice folks helped me find her soon enough. She likes to rummage around the wooded fields & lost track of me. The folks who found … Continue reading

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I thought it was the dust…

16°C, clearing for a nice day. I thought it was the dust that made my throat feel dry & sore. Grain harvest dust does this every summer during cycle rides. It’s worth taking a detour to avoid combine harvesters because … Continue reading

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Not again

16°C, cloudy with some rain. Dammit No.II: it’s raining again, last year July was the rotten month that spoilt the summer for many, this year- August. Later: it brightens up, the wind gets stronger but at least some sun appears. … Continue reading

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19°C, clear & sunny Cannock Chase: excellent place to walk the dogs at 8am. And… Indeed I did sleep well. Incidentally- I only weigh 91 kg right now, hence the ease of cycling I would suggest.

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