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Eek, a Leak!

Rain, 6°C Not moved into my new house yet but did call in to drop some stuff there. I decided to switch on the mains water. While eating a sandwich, I could hear dripping. That is a sickening sound to … Continue reading

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Something in the water is watching.

12°C, sun and light rain. Something in this pond is watching. There were two ripples from their dive for cover as I approached. Yesterday there was a glassy eye, a frog I think. Actually, two. That’s great for such a … Continue reading

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I’m in.

6°C, after a snowy start, the next was vigorous. A chance to try something seen at my old house, an igloo. The snow wasn’t really suitable, it refused to compact densely. The roof fell in before this photo. Anyway, the … Continue reading

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7°C, sun with few showers. I get the keys tomorrow. Maybe, I should blog about its modernisation here. The long wait is over, now the hard work begins.

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Ainsdale long loop, walk.

Wintery, -2°C, cold brisk E with some sun and snow showers. I hiked with MapMyRide+! Distance: 13.50km, time: 03:53:01, pace: 17:16min/km, speed: 3.48km/h. Top temperature today was -2°c though the snow underfoot was still quite powdery. Take away for … Continue reading

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