A life in a day

All that remains

Driving out from home, I have to wait for traffic to clear. Too many times, I take a moment to set some music on the car stereo then look up to see all the gaps have gone and I have to wait.
This time, I notice a bird standing on the road just next to the cycle-lane marking. It has a short tail, about 14cm tall and is stationary. it looks confused, perhaps a flegling on its first day out. Traffic though.

In a split second, a black 4×4 passes and with a crunch, it has gone. In that split second, the large wheel reduces 14cm heigh down to a few millimeters. A snapping crunch makrs the breaking of all its bones at once. All that is left is a pad of feathers and a patch wet meat.

That was it, a life gone. All that potential lost. I drove out when clear but that image troubled me for many days. It seemed to symbolise all that is futile. I can remember all of the times an animal has lost its life; dove, a female phesant, a squirrel on the morotway.