Warm, really?

18°C, light S wind, white cloud.

Rode Racelite8, with MapMyRide+! Distance: 31.03mi, time: 02:00:54, pace: 3:54min/mi, speed: 15.40mi/h.
Amazing to be in shorts the last day before November. In fact, on this ride, I was too warm. Each time I go out, it’s on the presumption that it’s the last outing on the race bike. I like that bike so much more since changing the wheels.
Look! My garden fence is getting in the mood for Halloween.

Take the load off your feet: how to deal with achilles tendinopathy

Take the load off your feet: how to deal with achilles tendinopathy

Interesting, although it is written for runners. The symptoms reflect my experience over the last few years. I experience stiffness when I get up, from sleep or long periods of sitting. Doctor can I have a note excusing me from marking?
I do various exercises to build load bearing limit in my calfs, as instructed by the physio.
Winter has worsened it over the last two years. Perhaps the cold mimics the same mechanism as sitting still- circulation.


16°C, brisk SW. Dry and grey.
Half-term break: is a time to clean up. It’s only been two weeks since the lodger moved out, but I am in the process of discovering problems he left behind. Rug Doctor is a carpet shampoo machine which I have rented to clean the his room as well as others. There are wine stains and other spilt drinks; some on the mattress. They cleaned up remarkably well.


I have am idea for the staircases – stripey carpets. Then, in each room, it’s possible to put replacement carpets that match one of the stripe colours.

Never again will I allow a lodger to keep a pet. His lizards ran up the electricity bill and the rabbit made the room stink (plus a damaged patch on the carpet).

Half term break.

12°C, SW breeze, dry, 4/5 cloud.
Feels like we just did a full term. Eight weeks. Eight week’s worth of tiredness, the feeling that a cold is coming on but you can’t be sure. I therefore, give myself permission to have a lazy day, I shall do nothing.

Earlier in the term, I decided to get a cyclo-cross bike to use as a commuter and winter Sunday side.
I gave the local shop an informal deadline – when the clocks change. That’s tomorrow!

I am no closer to buying a new bike. The Raleigh has fallen through, they are not importing the largest frame size. Back to the Kona then?