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First proper Sunday 50.

9°C, no rain but very wet roads, minor flooding in places. Storm Henry is brewing up. I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 49.59mi, time: 03:44:52, pace: 4:32min/mi, speed: 13.23mi/h. I’ve worked hard today. Up before five, catalogued more LPs, … Continue reading

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Try cyclocross they said…

6°C, sunny with moderate SW. very muddy all over. I rode The Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 17.43mi, time: 01:52:19, pace: 6:27min/mi, speed: 9.31mi/h. Endless deep mud. It makes the going quite slow. The worst stretches returned an average 8 … Continue reading

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10°C, brisk SW, dry after Gertrude. As of mid-morning, I can declare myself free of ‘flu. As in previous occasions, my energy levels surge back to more than normal as if in over compensation for the two weeks of sluggish. … Continue reading

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January in bloom.

11°C, heavy rain and strong wind. Warm and wet. Strange, this winter. Storm after storm but mostly warm. Daffodils given as a house-plant last Christmas. They’ve done well outside.

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Kona, 1 year.

One year ago, I bought my Kona Jake. Remember how excited I was? In that time, I clocked up almost 1,000 miles on it add have no regrets about the choice. I clearly remember those nervous outings on slimy surfaces. … Continue reading

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Coldest day, (annual average)

1°C, sunny, quite nice really. Sent home. So unwell despite driving in to work. My tutor group is upstairs and the two flights emptied my energy. Nearly at the right room, I saw their previous Form Tutor and had to … Continue reading

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2°C, heavy snow overnight. One year ago, was filled with excitement about my cyclocross bike. It was ready for collection and I couldn’t bear the wait. One thing that I didn’t get to do was ride in the snow. There … Continue reading

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Weekend at home.

-2°C, clear, rain has frozen, treacherous outside. Snow is coming. Today could be a brief window where I can grab a ride between melting ice and the predicted snowfall. This week’s milage is low, and despite a one mile swim … Continue reading

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Hans Abrahamson: Schnee

I enjoy buying and listening to music. It’s one of the constant pleasures in my life. It about changing my mood, illustrating phases in my life and stretching my mind. It’s not often, however, that I feel as elated with … Continue reading

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Exhausted iPod

I have used this iPod every day since 2009. Back then, I bought it as an upgrade on the iPod Mini when it ran out of space. It’s the penultimate version with 120Gb of storage. I like it so much … Continue reading

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