Munich, and Geese to roost

24°C, clear

Speilburgh film, Munich struck a nerve tonight. Extremely powerful film that ties up home, family with violent political events. It’s topical right now, and breaks through to something inside in a way I can’t explain here. Close Encounters was on the TV today earlier, noticable how he uses film and camera techniques to reach through to the audience. Just think, I loathed and detested Speilburgh back then. the lad has come a long way. the film Luc Besson’s "Leon" did this ten years ago, perhaps a clue there.
The geese stunned me in here as the sun went down. The photo below shows only half of them, a group flew in corodinated formation straight over this house as I talked to a friend. They drew me to the window in open mouthed astonishment. Like a team training and calling out to rally, The formation loose as they talked.
Turpentine: It’s been two weeks since I touched this picture. The feeling had left me, but it’s back now. I’m looking again, I feel it again. the holiday was too long this year. There’s a picture below of the canvas from today- day four. Unbelieveably, it’s still in the turpentine phase after so many days. A  picture that is proving difficult- a real test.
As Saturdays go, this has been one, animationpaintingphotogrphygeese and a flightless Starling. Sorry I couldn’t help you, I hope you weren’t tormented. And the crane flys make me smile into the evening.

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