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Quick run!

8°C, stormy, 55mph gusts. Woke very early, fizzing with energy. After breakfast, I got the turbo out. While on it, I recalled that I have a pair of running shoes. A decade on, these shoes get a second run. I … Continue reading

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Major Chestikov. Ill again. It started during this ride home from work. Shame because I was looking forward to it. The route that runs along farm tracks in the dark is quite an experience. If it wasn’t for the rain, it … Continue reading

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Evening gusto

13°C, brisk S. Grey but mostly dry. I rode Paddy Wagon with MapMyRide+! Distance: 41.30km, time: 01:47:27, pace: 2:36mint/km, speed: 23.06km/h. Leave supper to reheat after a blast. Again, used the sea machines on the front. I have energy … Continue reading

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What a start to a valuable holiday.

18°C, bright sun. Holidays are precious, I hate to loose any of them. This one has started with a cold in my head. At least it could be over reasonably quickly. A term-time cold can often last more than two … Continue reading

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Decent ride on the Racelite.

I rode Racelite with MapMyRide+! Distance: 58.87km, time: 02:29:01, pace: 2:32min/km, speed: 23.70km/h. Getting back into cycling. I always forget how long it takes to return to form. This time, the layoff includes weeks of hiking so it’s different … Continue reading

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Summer cold.

23°C ,cloudless blue, perfect day. What a day to get a cold. I have so much to do here at home. Garden, marking and decorating. At least this may explain why the last few days hiking were not as energetic … Continue reading

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High Blood pressure, or not? Playing with a blood pressure gadget at home. I  got three readings within a few minutes: 172/93 x77 144/78 x92 111/81 x113 100/63 x 120 Systolic/diastolic x heartrate. Perhaps best ignore this device. The standard … Continue reading

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10°C, brisk SW, dry after Gertrude. As of mid-morning, I can declare myself free of ‘flu. As in previous occasions, my energy levels surge back to more than normal as if in over compensation for the two weeks of sluggish. … Continue reading

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Back to life.

13°C, grey, warm and dry. Those numerous symptoms are largely gone. Fizzy legs are back, mouth ulcers gone as has the malaise. Which bike today? Meanwhile, an LP plays in the background. Here is one I have not given a … Continue reading

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Still a bit off.

10°C, bright sun. Dry too. I tire easily, the thought of cycle ride today does not make the fizzy feeling like it normally does. At least my weight has stabilised at 13st. 13 Tricky: Angels with Dirty Faces. A warm … Continue reading

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