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Crusty tap.

Changing the washer in a tap is supposed to be easy. This one has small facets making the spanner slip. Inside the tap is all crusty with limescale buildup. You’re supposed ot be able to unscrew the collar by hand, … Continue reading

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Getting back to some normal.

6°C, brisk SE dry but grey cloud. Rode Mustang with MapMyRide+! Distance: 37.75km, time: 01:40:35, pace: 2:40min/km, speed: 22.52km/h.​ With this wind, the single-speed is out of the question. The return leg night be dark but the lights are … Continue reading

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Moving house stage 3

6°C, grey but reasonably dry. III: moving out: it took a week to do this. A stressful week with little sleep and a nagging fear that I could miss the Friday deadline. Completion date is Friday 12th January. The removal … Continue reading

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Burn data.

2°C, clear with approaching cloud. Packing and clearing stuff out. It appalling the clutter you accumulate while living in a house for twenty years.​ With the deadline approaching, the stress feeling is rising. Last night, I slept badly and woke … Continue reading

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One mile.

3°C, sunny and light wind. I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 1.70km, time: 07:09, pace: 4:12min/km, speed: 14.27km/h. Abruptly cut this ride short once I noticed how much black ice there was hiding in the shadows. There appeared to … Continue reading

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