Crusty tap.

Changing the washer in a tap is supposed to be easy. This one has small facets making the spanner slip. Inside the tap is all crusty with limescale buildup. You’re supposed ot be able to unscrew the collar by hand, no chance.

As I write, there is descale fluid soaking. Can you see the bubbles? That’s the limescale dissolving.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Moving house stage 3

6°C, grey but reasonably dry.
III: moving out: it took a week to do this. A stressful week with little sleep and a nagging fear that I could miss the Friday deadline. Completion date is Friday 12th January. The removal firm came on Wednesday morning.
I shalln’t document all the detail but a few things stand out. My neighbour moved in before Christmas and have me tons of good boxes and suitcases. That saved the day for me. They’d moved from Hong Kong and used very sturdy cardboard boxes which were ideal.They’re a lovely couple, shame that they didn’t move in years ago.
Most of the week, I felt the pressure. I woke very early, some days at 4.30 am.12MesKitchPAN

For a week, I was gripped by a feeling akin to panic. I woke in the night with butterflies and my mind racing around the job. I tried, with some success, to think plans for the new house to take my mind off this. we’re warned about how stressful moving home is, this is how it manifest for me.

Burn data.

2°C, clear with approaching cloud.
Packing and clearing stuff out. It appalling the clutter you accumulate while living in a house for twenty years.​

With the deadline approaching, the stress feeling is rising. Last night, I slept badly and woke very early. Not helped by that abortive ride yesterday.

One mile.

3°C, sunny and light wind.
I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 1.70km, time: 07:09, pace: 4:12min/km, speed: 14.27km/h.

Abruptly cut this ride short once I noticed how much black ice there was hiding in the shadows. There appeared to be no grit or salt on the road and out of town is bound to be worse. So, I came home.​

Tree trunks: I had to have two trees cut down this week. The idea was to give the wood to my neighbour as a good will gesture on my leaving. The tree-surgeon was sure they only needed the logs large.
Not only was that wrong, but the guy didn’t want the logs at all. Now I’m stuck with massive logs that are too big for me to cut and I move out on Friday.