Honoured guest.

14°C, clear

How many of you have enthused on Live Space about a book recently bought, only to receive a comment from the author? I had one yesterday! Here’s the book, and you’ve possibly seen some of the animations I made from it.
(Just in case he comes back) I began the windswept tree animation following on from the Candleflame scene.

1/ It uses two noise modifiers on top of a Vol-select (set to inverse & soft select). It needs some refinement, but it may be possibly so apply the vol-select by material ID. If I get time, it should be possible to host an animated gif on here.

2/ Later changes: abandoned the large noise modifier instead of a hand-animated FFd 2×2, it bends better now. VIEW
Cheers to Pete Draper.

finally, to conclude on an irrelevant dog-walk photo:-

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