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Why this?

14°C, sun & light showers. Courage? (inresponse to Stormcrow’s comment) I post these pictures to show how I go through making pictures. The act of writing about them makes me think about them too. the thinking bit is crucial- that’s … Continue reading

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On the left

sunrainbutnocycling How can you tell if an artist was left-handed? The most obvious clue about an artist’s handedness is in shading. Keep your left elbow still, and wave your left hand infront of your across the keyboard. What diredtion does … Continue reading

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17°C, sun & showers, rather windy cycling in the rain today- but it was only a shower (or two or three). 52 miles in the wind. Regular visitors maye have heard mer ramble on about the Sprite picture. Below is … Continue reading

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19°C Today is a day to remind oneself what an adorable city Bristol is. Imy wanted to see the university since it’s on her list top apply for. Ten years must have passed since the last time I was in … Continue reading

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17°C, wind, sun & rain Uploaded the Whitley animation to the Yahoo group. No responses yet but they have been quiet recently. Note: for the future, they have a 3 meg limit on files, so they need to be cut … Continue reading

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Done it!

Very windy 27 miles cycling- it’s getting dark too early. FINISHED the Japan trip Video, it’s on a DVD here on the desk waiting to be tested on a set-top box. The last hold-up was a problem with sound at … Continue reading

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Missed a day

Wet and warm17°C Had a monster animation session yesterday. I don’t know where the time went but I got so engrossed that I wrote no blog. The Whitley animation project has walking human figures. This figure uses the Editpoly method … Continue reading

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Tissue in the washing machine

Should be a nice day, 11°C, but later 16° Yesterday was quite a fruitful painting day. I don’t know if the picture below shows it, but it’s making real progress now. I look forward to the red fluids. Why have … Continue reading

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Wired parameters

14°C, calm Resumed work on the Whitley animation. Onlny trouble is there’s a problem with Wired parameters. It’s like this; the movement of one object can be determined by another, move one – the other moves. But it’s not always … Continue reading

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14°C, heavy rain This dog is rather terrified of fireworks. Even if she hears them from in the house she hides and trembles. No point taking her for a run in the dark then. An odd deal indeed. The current … Continue reading

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