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Two weeks on

9°C, sunny. CR56 miles After 12 days I am recovered. Today’s ride was far better than I expected, I have lost less form though gained some weight (it seems). Anyway, spring is in the air, flowers out and the sunshine … Continue reading

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One week on.

4°C, sunny It’s been a week since I went down with the ‘flu. I have reached a flat plane area with no sign of improvement from one day to the next. The first 36 hours were dreadful, with me feeling … Continue reading

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9°C, white cloud, some wind Frustration builds when there is no sign of healing. I relented in the end and went to the local GP. she said it’s true, i have the flu’. This is no heavy cold, it’s flu. … Continue reading

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Precious time

9°C, NW, light cloud Half-term holiday is a precious time. It’s a time to re-build energy, recover from a stressful job and fix things that need repairing (the house, the car and me). It’s not a time to be set … Continue reading

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Magic telebox

2°C, dry but cloudy (getting warmer, huzzah!). Over-run by remotes from new gadgets. I only intended to buy a Blu-ray player so I can watch my latest video rental. That first part failed with me feeling annoyed with Argos for … Continue reading

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Chopping Eucalyptus

-1°C, bright sun This morning I had left is loads of logs, too big to fit in the fireplace. It’s a great way to warm up to chop logs though. My trip to the shops to get a wood splitting … Continue reading

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Get the Maul

0°C, Ice is drying Frozen roads this morning made walking this morning simply frightening. There was a glassy layer over everything. Railings and cards looked wet, but touch them and the glassy surface is dry and bitterly cold. The firewood … Continue reading

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Point me to Mecca

0°C, sleet. There is a sort of ante-room leading to my classroom, it’s quite small and closed by a strong, fire-door. Sometimes kids go in there to quietly revise, socialise or just get away from it all during lunchtime. Today … Continue reading

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Broke the -4° rule

-5°, very dry. The ice has largely gone, but this drying Siberian air is back. With clear pavements and roads dusty with salt, I decided to ride to work. It was fine too, only my feet were a little numb … Continue reading

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12 mph

-4 to +1°C. Light clouds. No ride, 40′ on turbo. Drive to work. It’s far too icy after last night’s fog dropped to the ground in the early hours. Then it froze. Traffic was thick which meant an average road speed … Continue reading

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