14°C, windy pollenated air.
My other half is a poodle and she gets extended walks on some days. Sometimes I wander around a labyrinthine settlement nearby where pagan animal rituals are performed when decent folk are locked away.


Nobody really knows the meaning of these carvings, though some claim that they move when nobody is looking.
I have doubts.


14C, heavy showers, windy.
Clearing the room for the second lodger. There is a decade’s worth of stuff in there. The back of the cupboards have revealed trinkets from the early 90s. This that old are interesting even when it’s just a receipt. I remember the first time I decorated that room, there was newspaper used to line a panel that what published in 1958.
A chunk of my life is laid out in this house.
The biggest job was, though, to move the telephone point. I want it next to the computer and router, not in a lodger’s room. That took five hours and it’s still not quite done.
Anyway, a trip to the dump will clear the clutter.

Bombus Lapidarius

22°C, foggy yet morning, now blazing.
Last year I was delighted to find a swarm of honey bees in the eaves. This year, we have bumble-bees living in the house. They are orange-tails, nesting in nearly the same place. It prompts a question- how do I go about repairing that part of the roof. The insects have not caused any damage, its just wear and tear to the facia and soffits. The standard way to repair them is to fit uPVC boards. What I want is a repair that does not prevent interesting wildlife getting on with their lives.


16°C, fog, very damp.
Ikea- lights are more and more LEDs. I picked up two of these for the kitchen. They are spot-lights to illuminate the cooler and the sink. This is very mundane and domestic, but I am very impressed. View are brighter than the 40W equivalents that they replace. There is little of the flicker that affects compact fluorescent atlas that I so dislike. There are possibly good dough to read by and only use 8 watts.


Rated at 400lm, which is a unit I have to get used to. It’s bright enough with a warmish colour that tints towards sink at the edges.


18°C, mixed, but nice.
CA: 20.
Blimey- I have an email that warns of copyright violation on my home internet account. So this evening, I spent my time adding filters to the firewall. The time consuming part is where legitimate services become blocked and I have to allow them.

Service- ADSL Broadband Service has been used to download copyright material. The infringing material relating to-

Evidentiary Information:
Initial Infringement Timestamp: 06 Jun 2013 11:43:24 GMT
Recent Infringement Timestamp: 06 Jun 2013 11:43:24 GMT
Infringers IP Address:
Protocol: BitTorrent
Infringed Work: Paranormal Activity 4
Infringing File Name: Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) [1080p]
Infringing File Size: 1611048660
Bay ID: e468159c10d0e6f1da3c1a5fe55175112f0b7109|1611048660
Port ID: 50474