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Middleton flat 17.

17°C; SW wind, brisk, dry. Club ride, tracked with MapMyRide! Distance: 53.14mi, time: 03:08:30, speed: 16.9mi/h. They are a likeable club, none of the cliquishness that mar other clubs. Some guys were bemused by me spinning madly on the Southport sea-front … Continue reading

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14°C, windy pollenated air. My other half is a poodle and she gets extended walks on some days. Sometimes I wander around a labyrinthine settlement nearby where pagan animal rituals are performed when decent folk are locked away. Nobody really … Continue reading

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Three rides.

17°C, light cloud, Evening ride Distance: 42.47mi, time: 02:46:53, 3,150 calories. If I total up the two commuting rides today, that makes 62.4 miles. A good round number, 100km. This picture is from the morning commute. I pass this … Continue reading

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14C, heavy showers, windy. Clearing the room for the second lodger. There is a decade’s worth of stuff in there. The back of the cupboards have revealed trinkets from the early 90s. This that old are interesting even when it’s … Continue reading

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Bombus Lapidarius

22°C, foggy yet morning, now blazing. Last year I was delighted to find a swarm of honey bees in the eaves. This year, we have bumble-bees living in the house. They are orange-tails, nesting in nearly the same place. It … Continue reading

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16°C, fog, very damp. Ikea- lights are more and more LEDs. I picked up two of these for the kitchen. They are spot-lights to illuminate the cooler and the sink. This is very mundane and domestic, but I am very … Continue reading

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Four texts.

18°C,dry later. A record, on the morning commute, I counted four drivers texting (or using apps) as they drove. Another held a clip-board on the steering wheel to read as he drove. It started this morning because the first car … Continue reading

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Text at the wheel.

16°C, fresh but dry. I have ridden this route to. Oslo for ten years now. In that time, you get to know every pot-hole and other lines of hazard. In recent weeks, I have noticed the number of drivers texting … Continue reading

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18°C, mixed, but nice. CA: 20. Blimey- I have an email that warns of copyright violation on my home internet account. So this evening, I spent my time adding filters to the firewall. The time consuming part is where legitimate … Continue reading

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Wet nettles.

18°C. Later, light rain for now. Do wet nettles sting more than dry ones? After this morning’s dog walk, I thought maybe. That reminds me of the two girls who stumbled into nettles last week. They stopped to get their … Continue reading

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