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18°C, wind & sunny bits Ill and off work but after a monster sleep, you find me feeling better. Making Scenery for FSX like old times. The default land texture for Peleliu in the Pacific is a joke. It should … Continue reading

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12°C, light cloud, light NW. CA:29½ miles Flagged a little on the ride today, especially near the end. Dehydration was probably the cause. Took until 9pm to feel back to normal and stop worrying that I have an oncoming cold. … Continue reading

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Smolensk for FSX

10°C, calm, clear but chilly. First vapour trails lace the sky again, it’s been six days and the media are rambling on conspiracy theories. FSX: back into making addons for FSX (the flight sim). After Poland’s disaster last week, I … Continue reading

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Bioshock, the end

16°C, same Finished at last.

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Patch news

14°C, heavy rain Brother in Arms: new patch, it’s been out nearly a month but went unnoticed. Description to follow.Not much of a fanfare on this release, it adds some new single-player missions, get it here:BIA_EiB 1.03 It’s possibly changing … Continue reading

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To the Endth degree

12°C Nth… thanks to Y12 for that little goof. Pity it wasn’t from one of my lessons. Last time someone in one of my groups made an error like that, I issued them a commendation. I did of course point out … Continue reading

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16°C Ubisoft paid addon is now available for Forgotten Battles. Pe-2 It’s a massive download at 160Mb, so it better be good. Ubi are using a nasty little download manager, which is probably good for dialup people who suffer broken … Continue reading

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6 to 2°C, cold NE wind Far Cry level now has some vegetation! Nevermind the fault with the ground texture, now I can place objects and am formulating a kind of plot for the mission. Trees bend in the breeze- and … Continue reading

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6°C.light grey. Sandbox turns out to be a very capable and relatively easy to use game editor. The interface is remarkably 3dsMax-like. Here is a basic landscape and begun texturing it so far. Heightmap editor has excellent tools to work with … Continue reading

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6°C Removed Far Cry to make space for Brothers In arms on the PC yesterday. Unfortunately, my first impressions of BIA is not overwealming. It’s all a bit boxy- and resstrictions in movment are quite frustrating. You can jump but … Continue reading

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