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Lost child.

17C, windy light cloud. Queueing in the supermarket we noticed a fat kid noisily climbing over a plastic child’s ride. He grunted, gasped and shouted as he heaved himself over its shiney yellow surface for what seemed like ten minutes. … Continue reading

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14,207 calories!

18C, Easterly, sunny. Total miles this week is high and I only felt the miles in my legs on steep climbs. These after-work extensions are wonderful. I only remark on them because I will have to scale them back soon … Continue reading

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Weeford mushrooms.

11-18C,dry light breeze. Most nights after work, I ride the scenic route home. This adds about 2,000 kCals to my daily expenditure. With about 3,000 cal per day, for a chap my size I could work out my consumption of … Continue reading

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Cycling,Sunday run, dragonfly, sunny September, Continue reading

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Make table.

22C, sunny. Today, I made a table. It’s made from a fork-lift pallet and a bed-headboard. So far it has cost nothing. All the wood and fixings I had hoarded already. There is four hours’ work in it so it … Continue reading

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Get up!

11C, nice day to come. Woke early: an unusual cause this time- hunger. Maybe it’s these extended commutes and all those extra calories. The extensions may only be 25-35 miles but they are a bit faster than average at 16-17 … Continue reading

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You know you’re a teacher when…

12°C,light NE. Riding in, on the last leg, I have to pass slow moving traffic. Then there is a BMW weaving slowly. It sweeps slowly to close the passing space by a bollard. Luckily the car moves away again, then … Continue reading

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Light the fire.

11C, strong westerly. Showers. Autumn chill- The picture is from the Chase, walk through a mixed forest and you can find a door somewhere remote. Like something from a children’s story, it cane out of the forest. I had to … Continue reading

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Calm before…

15C, big storm approaches. The storm, a opportunity arose this morning with grey sky but no real rain, yet. So what happens, I woke with a pre-cold throat, dammit. It’s been a long run since the last cold- was it … Continue reading

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Wet paint.

21C, bright start, dull later. CA- 35 miles in total today. Added 25 mile extension on the way home. Average roadspeed was higher than a typical commute and I only turned home when I got hungry. Grabbed a phone shot … Continue reading

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