Lost child.

17C, windy light cloud.
Queueing in the supermarket we noticed a fat kid noisily climbing over a plastic child’s ride. He grunted, gasped and shouted as he heaved himself over its shiney yellow surface for what seemed like ten minutes. The woman next to me remarked: “you wouldn’t loose that one would you?”.
My answer-
“I’d loose him right away! When he isn’t looking, I would run for it”.

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Make table.

22C, sunny.
Today, I made a table. It’s made from a fork-lift pallet and a bed-headboard. So far it has cost nothing. All the wood and fixings I had hoarded already. There is four hours’ work in it so it so far. I had to stop at 7pm because, once hungry, I started making mistakes.
Now, it stands outside unvarnished and unprotected, but the forecast is good for tomorrow.


The idea is to use it for gardening tasks. It needs to be substantial and weather resistant. To finalise it, I need to add bracing to make it more rigid.
I will have to search out something to brace corners, there should be something in the shed I can use.

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Light the fire.

11C, strong westerly. Showers.

Autumn chill-
The picture is from the Chase, walk through a mixed forest and you can find a door somewhere remote. Like something from a children’s story, it cane out of the forest.
I had to light the fire last night, but the central heating stays off. I’d feel better about it if I didn’t wake so early today. 04.45 it was, wide, wide awake, so may as well get up. Now my head is heavy and thick with sleep. A lesser man would throw a sickie.

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Calm before…

15C, big storm approaches.
The storm, a opportunity arose this morning with grey sky but no real rain, yet. So what happens, I woke with a pre-cold throat, dammit.
It’s been a long run since the last cold- was it Easter?


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9C, early, dark.
Coffee– this new coffee cup has a cafetier built in. This is my first try and it works. it’s made of plastic which is a good insulator. You won’t get burnt fingers with this cup. The designers have, however, missed a trick. It needs a lid.
The final decider will be: how easy is it to clean?


New wheels.

17C, light MW, 4/5 cloud.
Got new wheels. Though the rest of the car is over ten years old. Much of the reason to change the wheels was cosmetic, plus a worry that the old rims were buckled. Now they are fitted, I am surprised by the improvements- lighter steering, no wobble, and it’s much quieter.

ride home: another extended route, 21 miles, double the usual commute. I have to wonder how long I can sustain these rather refreshing addons. No doubt the equinox will impose next month.

Last hot day?

21°C, clear start.
Heavy rain is coming tomorrow. Perhaps this will stand as the last day of summer.


Morning sun.

Ride hometracked with MapMyRide! Distance: 11.57mi, time: 44:54, speed: 15.46mi/h.
I took a variation on yesterday’s route through lanes and villages. On a fine day like, this it was pure pleasure rather than a rush to get home.
Tomorrow, there may be heavy rain.