+4° to –2°C, dry.

Don’t think I will make it tomorrow. I’ve had a shivery night and a vacuous, listless day. Not made any posts in a short while, but can easily blame pre-viral syndrome. Spring is coming though, there are buds out there.

sliding doors (1998)

11°C, sunny bits, few wet bits.

This film had something in common with The Matrix; I started with much hope and left feeling cheated, annoyed and hating it. The lead character was fine but she threw the others into sharp contrast with their terrible over-acting. Was there some kind of competition to fill the film with every cliché of the genre? The scene with the emotional pleading in pouring rain on the bridge in London would have seen me leave the cinema had I been in one. the last time I felt such loathing for a film was The Matrix, shallow stereotypical characters, absurd but easily predictable plot.


Slush & fog

+2C, soft snow melting. Near whiteout.

There used to be a time, decades ago when in the weeks after Christmas, the streets would be filled with kids riding their new christmas bikes. Well, that has all changed, last night it was me out there riding up & down. The tradition should be kept alive.

Good with your hands

+3C, light cloud but missed the solar eclipse this morning.

It’s the time of year that people consider changing their career. Here is a good article BBC: greater job satisfaction, better pay and the feeling that you’ve actually done something in a manual job. ?What would I do? Plumbing, electrician or more probably something outside- fencing perhaps. My problem is vulnerability to backache. That rules out plumbing, or probably carpentry; too much twisting about in confined spaces.