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+2°C, cold last night but improving this week Physio appointment: Good- I don’t have to stop cycling; good- I don’t need drug treatment; good, exercises to heal the tendon strength. The sort of diagnosis that I have faith in. It … Continue reading

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+4° to –2°C, dry. Don’t think I will make it tomorrow. I’ve had a shivery night and a vacuous, listless day. Not made any posts in a short while, but can easily blame pre-viral syndrome. Spring is coming though, there … Continue reading

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Change gear

6°C, light winds light cloud To change gear, you have to flick a lever, or twist a grip. If you have a fixed, however, you have to ride to the nearest bike shop and buy the new gear that you … Continue reading

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Week’s riding

4°C, getting frosty again. High pressure means dry but getting colder this week. So, I’m trying to grab as many miles as I can before the weather decides to call a halt. Journey times are getting better, less than 1hr … Continue reading

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Stormswept puncture repair

12°C, rain Only rode 32 miles, but I ran out of light, tyre pressure and time. Southport seafront, in strong winds and piercing rain is not the best place to fix an inner-tube. I am still waiting to ride this … Continue reading

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sliding doors (1998)

11°C, sunny bits, few wet bits. This film had something in common with The Matrix; I started with much hope and left feeling cheated, annoyed and hating it. The lead character was fine but she threw the others into sharp … Continue reading

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but if you go too far

7~1°C, sunny pieces …lower the saddle too far & your knees ache.

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about half an inch?

7°C, cloud, S. wind & some rain. That tendonitis was unnoticeable yesterday. Why was that, the new bike with new pedals or was it the old shoes? The seat is lower on that bike so I will try lowering the … Continue reading

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So how was it then?

+5°C, sunny & strong onshore breeze Better than I thought. The handling is fine, it’s reasonably nimble, though I didn’t push it on those wet black muddy Lancashire roads. the only problem I can think of is that the gearing … Continue reading

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Slush & fog

+2C, soft snow melting. Near whiteout. There used to be a time, decades ago when in the weeks after Christmas, the streets would be filled with kids riding their new christmas bikes. Well, that has all changed, last night it … Continue reading

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