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15°C, light clouds Planning another jaunt to Wales this time without Rosie, that means Tryfan is a possible climb, but not going if the cloudbase is less than 2,000ft. Otherwise it’s Rhinog Fawr.Viewed from Rhinog Fach. I don’t know how … Continue reading

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Damn strangeness

18°C, clear, brightness from above. Colours everywhere Damn, this has been a strange day.Dry cough and me in this bull-suit. Keep out of Crockery shops for best results.It started with such virtue. Yours not understanding.

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found of… er: Melodic Death

Browsing an upmarket dating site I found this gem: I love this world (from a little ray of sun on my hand to fresh summer rains). Try to find my way in an endless stream of life and to surruond … Continue reading

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Fruits de mere

15°C, cloudy, but the water stays up there. It’s been a week since a post, that’s what happens to brains befuddled by a head-cold.A lot has happened though. Last weekend’s fabulous camping escape; crossing the Glyderau; beach day on Fairbourne … Continue reading

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Wet oil

22°C, wind and warm cloud There is a gap in the evenings. I am painting in that gap now, but it’s asking too much to expect the sleepless gap in the night to close. Would that it were so.Gravity’s Angel: … Continue reading

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Paris, Je T’aime

18°C, clouding Paris, Je T’aime: utterly charming film, a series of short stories with the obvious backdrop. Some were more french in flavour, some less so. Overall, they reflected the multinational city in a set of moving, sometimes tragic set … Continue reading

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I’m soft with fatigue, I need something…

14°C, showers & moving air from the northern approaches New books to tease me while I finish the current one.there are too many here- nice problem to have. Brautigan has a fine voice, it’s a plain melody to listen to … Continue reading

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