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longer is easier

17°C, brightening Made it half-way home before remembering something left behind. The ride back then added 8 miles to the total journey. But contrary to expectation that made the ride home easier. It’s all about the benefits of a good … Continue reading

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Cadair instead

15°C, dry, light cloud NW Interesting, interesting days.Went to Cadair Idris instead. I’ll be going through every step of this weekend in my head in my head over the next week.Ask me when you see me.

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15°C, light clouds Planning another jaunt to Wales this time without Rosie, that means Tryfan is a possible climb, but not going if the cloudbase is less than 2,000ft. Otherwise it’s Rhinog Fawr.Viewed from Rhinog Fach. I don’t know how … Continue reading

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Damn strangeness

18°C, clear, brightness from above. Colours everywhere Damn, this has been a strange day.Dry cough and me in this bull-suit. Keep out of Crockery shops for best results.It started with such virtue. Yours not understanding.

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found of… er: Melodic Death

Browsing an upmarket dating site I found this gem: I love this world (from a little ray of sun on my hand to fresh summer rains). Try to find my way in an endless stream of life and to surruond … Continue reading

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Fruits de mere

15°C, cloudy, but the water stays up there. It’s been a week since a post, that’s what happens to brains befuddled by a head-cold.A lot has happened though. Last weekend’s fabulous camping escape; crossing the Glyderau; beach day on Fairbourne … Continue reading

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Wet oil

22°C, wind and warm cloud There is a gap in the evenings. I am painting in that gap now, but it’s asking too much to expect the sleepless gap in the night to close. Would that it were so.Gravity’s Angel: … Continue reading

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Paris, Je T’aime

18°C, clouding Paris, Je T’aime: utterly charming film, a series of short stories with the obvious backdrop. Some were more french in flavour, some less so. Overall, they reflected the multinational city in a set of moving, sometimes tragic set … Continue reading

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I’m soft with fatigue, I need something…

14°C, showers & moving air from the northern approaches New books to tease me while I finish the current one.there are too many here- nice problem to have. Brautigan has a fine voice, it’s a plain melody to listen to … Continue reading

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