You’ve got to hand it to them…

19°C, heavy rain- but nice…

Landscape painters: they must have some patience. The picture below has new grass on the left quater, and just that bit took 50 minutes on top of a prepared ground. This is growing into the longest gestation period for one of my paintings. The crane flies have been painted over but they will be back, the field ground had to go back in then the crane flys will be overpainted again.
Creationism is attacking education again. the bit of the story I like is on their own website. Here is the quote from the blog page of the "Truthinscience"(sic) website.
Thursday, 28 September 2006

Feedback has started to come in from science teachers who received a TiS resource pack this week. Of the twenty-five responses so far, sixteen teachers have said that the DVDs are a useful classroom resource, and only nine have said they will not be using them.

Here are comments made by teachers who welcomed the resource:

"Thanks for sending the two DVDs to the science department. I watched one today and will be using it in critical thinking lessons to illustrate flaws in arguments."

I can’t help thinking they have shot themselves in the foot with that quote. The Critical Thinking teacher will have used the resource as an example of faulty argument construction. Perhaps this group just don’t know how education works. The FAQ page is full of such faulty reasoning, conclusions that just don’t derive from their own evidence, and big big assumptions that have no justification. Read up on the link.


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