Weather has an effect on what I do. It determines what I wear and my mood. Wind, for example can make me late for work. Since I tend to write posts in a similar format, here are some notes to explain.
Photos; almost always mine, taken on my mobile phone. Usually, they have been processed with Pixlr, Snapseed or another app in-camera.
Device; most posts are written on my smartphone. A small touchscreen running Android. Most posts are written on a Samsung Galaxy Mini III. It’s. A very slow phone that needs daily cleanouts otherwise the frequent slowdowns become stops. The camera is rubbish and there is not enough memory. (RAM) to run properly. Many apps will install on the SD Card but still still use internal memory to store working files.
I can’t help it, but certain types of error creep in as I write. My phone will often substitute “view” for “they”. I hope not too many have remained uncorrected.

Weather; wind, direction compass point, strength on a scale that runs: still, Light breeze, light wind, moderate breeze/wind, strong breeze/wind, gales.

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