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End of the world.

23C grey sky. Tracked with MapMyRide! Distance: 13.31mi, time: 55:32, pace: 4:10min/mi, speed: 14.4mi/h. Rode out beyond Sagres to the lighthouse which marks the most SW point in Europe. It’s flat and rocky there with cliffs on all sides … Continue reading

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Cork woodland.

27C brisk NW sea breeze. Bright sun. Hired bike: rode MapMyRide! Distance: 50.04mi, time: 03:31:11, pace: 4:13min/mi, speed: 14.22mi/h. Great ride in the Algarve nature reserve. The main feature was a long twisting ascent up to the wind farm. … Continue reading

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Less than good.

24C, evening sun, NW wind. Hire bike– took it out for a spin to check it out for fit and adjust. Not a successful ride- at about 4 miles out, both tyres punctured. The front went flat quickly, the back … Continue reading

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I know how to live it up.

20C,not a cloud, light sea breeze. Never done this before in the 11 years I have had this car. I have wax polished it. It’s a little tricky, the instructions on the bottle make it sound easy. The car does … Continue reading

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22°C,light N breeze, bright sun. Tracked ride with- MapMyRide! Distance: 34.1mi, time: 02:14:53, pace: 3:57min/mi, speed: 15.2mi/h. Dragonflies, dozens were on the wing today. Is there any poetry in the way they look like antique biplanes, these fabulous creatures … Continue reading

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Service race-8

24°C sunny, no breeze. Yesterday’s ride was no twithout problems. At 45 miles, the gear change became heavier and sticky. Up-shift was unreliable but I knew what it was. Out of sight, inside the cable the wire was frayed. It … Continue reading

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100 with two diversions.

24C max. N breeze. Sunny start and end, cloud in between. Tracked with MapMyRide! Distance: 101.85mi, time: 07:13:05, pace: 4:15min/mi, speed: 14.11mi/h. I couldn’t see how deep this flood was. In this situation, it’s a good idea to wait … Continue reading

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Can I have a new mobile phone?

20°C, heavy storms with thunder. The sun gets a look in too. I have a Samsung Galaxy Mini II. It runs really badly, sometimes with a 30″ delay before text appears on screen. Internal memory is low most of the … Continue reading

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Three short notes.

28°C, humid, later breaks down to thunder. End of academic year- we’ve broken up for summer. What a good day it is when you win the staff Fairtrade hamper in a raffle. I don’t think I ever won a raffle … Continue reading

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Boundary conflict.

18C, N wind, clear. This bottle brush plant failed to flower last year. A nice surprise after a trip away. Got home this afternoon to find my garden has been hacked.

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