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A snake and a fire

21°C, Clear, dry & dusty: CR 30 miles. Rode back from a lunchtime care stop, there was a snake weaving its way across the road. Wow! Probably a grass-snake, it looked grey with a zig-zag down its back. It wriggled … Continue reading

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Gotcha back

20°C, light grey, warm & close Result: the gutter press have been clobbered for their bad behaviour last Christmas. Observers have felt annoyed about this story over the last half-year, now they are ordered to pay large fines to the … Continue reading

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24°C, sun & light cloud. CR:31 miles.

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Fruit to crumble

18°C, cloudy the apple tree seems to bear better fruit this year. It is prone to some kind of blackspot, but this year no rot has attacked. The results? the fruit in this picture is now under a roof of … Continue reading

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July, the tired month

16°C, grey, dull, very dull. CA:20 Bone-tired II: yes yes, I know I say this every year, the last week of term and all. I woke in the night, about 4 ish, and my heartbeat was still thumping, I’m that … Continue reading

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18°C, 3 sharp showers, SW. CK: 55miles Found a cuckoo in the road today, a victim of roadkill. Quite a beautiful bird; it looks, in many ways, like a hawk except in a few details. The beak is straight & … Continue reading

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Four Lions

17C, rain then bright. Just a quick note this time. I know most of my posts are short, terse even. Film: Four Lions, a comedy about some none too bright would-be suicide bombers from Sheffield. I say ‘comedy’ since that’s … Continue reading

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A saucer full of secrets

20°C, sun, W. The Derbyshire White Peak is dotted with these circular features. Some are stone but most seem to be made of concrete. This was one of the few that had water in.

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Hobnail boot

18°C, NE 10mph. CA:20 Ever woken with a deep ache in a muscle? It’s often a mystery as this one is for me today. It feels like someone kicked me up the arse in the night. I can’t recall anyone … Continue reading

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Ride in the river

19°C, heavy showers. Rode home in a river. Raindrops the size of golf-balls striking and rebounding up from strong flowing ribbons of water. Traction was good though and it’s not cold.

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